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Judge Steve Harvey Returns: Season 2 (Part 2) Premiere Date Revealed!


Discover the eagerly anticipated release date for “Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 (Part 2)” and delve deeper into the details with us. In our comprehensive article, we explore what’s in store for fans of the show, providing insights into the upcoming episodes and developments.

Stay tuned as we uncover more about the show’s return and what viewers can expect from Steve Harvey’s engaging courtroom series.

Judge Steve Harvey Season 2 (Part 2) release date

Season 2, Part 2 of “Judge Steve Harvey” premiered on ABC on Wednesday, February 7. The show returns with all-new episodes starting Tuesday, July 16, airing on ABC and streaming on Hulu. Despite Steve Harvey’s lack of formal legal qualifications, his approach to adjudicating disputes relies on his life experience and ability to read people, rather than legal expertise.

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Harvey’s charismatic and relatable style has endeared him to audiences, making the show a unique blend of entertainment and insightful resolution of conflicts. As the series continues, viewers can expect more engaging cases and Harvey’s trademark humor and wisdom guiding each episode’s proceedings.

What is Judge Steve Harvey about?

In the vein of iconic courtroom shows like Judge Judy and The People’s Court, Judge Steve Harvey offers a comedic twist on legal arbitration. Steve Harvey, known for his humor and charisma rather than legal expertise, presides over disputes ranging from unpaid loans to familial conflicts.

Despite lacking formal legal training, Harvey confidently relies on his intuition and common sense to navigate complex issues and deliver verdicts. This unconventional approach infuses the show with a light-hearted tone, distinguishing it from more serious courtroom dramas.

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Among the memorable cases, one involved sisters embroiled in a dispute over funds intended for their brother’s funeral, which had been used for a cosmetic procedure instead.

Such cases highlight the show’s ability to blend humor with real-life conflicts, often revealing deeper tensions and emotional stakes behind seemingly trivial disputes. As Judge Steve Harvey continues to entertain and resolve disputes, it remains a testament to Harvey’s unique approach to justice and his knack for understanding human behavior.


Season 2, Part 2 of “Judge Steve Harvey” debuted on ABC on Wednesday, February 7, captivating audiences with its blend of humor and insightful conflict resolution. Returning with fresh episodes starting Tuesday, July 16, airing on ABC and streaming on Hulu, the show continues to showcase Steve Harvey’s unconventional yet effective approach to adjudicating disputes.

Despite lacking formal legal qualifications, Harvey relies on his life experience and intuition to navigate complex cases, ranging from financial disputes to familial disagreements. His charismatic and relatable demeanor has made him a favorite among viewers, offering a refreshing twist on traditional courtroom dramas.

With each episode, “Judge Steve Harvey” combines entertainment with meaningful insights into human behavior, demonstrating its ability to tackle both humorous and emotionally charged conflicts with sensitivity and wit. As the series progresses, audiences can anticipate more memorable cases and Harvey’s trademark blend of humor and wisdom guiding the courtroom proceedings.

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