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Johnny Drille’s Marriage: Revealing the Truth About His Wife, Rima Tahini

Nigerian singer-songwriter Johnny Drille has captivated music fans nationwide with his soul-stirring melodies and deep, captivating voice. His musical journey began in the chapel, where his talent garnered attention and admiration. Johnny’s career took a remarkable turn when his bold cover of Di’Ja’s “Awww” caught the ear of Don Jazzy, CEO of Mavin Records.

Since then, his rise to fame has been unstoppable. With heartfelt tracks like “Wait for Me” and collaborations with fellow artists, Johnny Drille’s versatility and ability to evoke deep emotions through his music have solidified his place in the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Johnny Drille About

Nigerian singer-songwriter Johnny Drille has won over music fans nationwide. His deep voice initially soared in the chapel, where his popularity began. His talent was what made him famous. Johnny Drille’s bold cover of Di’Ja’s “Awww” changed his career.

Don Jazzy, the CEO of Mavin Records, noticed his unique musical flair in this rendition. This tragic incident set Johnny Drille’s destiny. His 2015 debut single, “Wait for Me,” was released. The song’s beautiful words and melody touched ears worldwide.

It was nominated for Best Alternative Song at The Headies 2016, cementing Johnny Drille’s rise in Nigerian music. Johnny Drille collaborated with Niniola, a fellow Project Fame West Africa contestant from the sixth season. “Start All Over,” their fascinating collaboration, showcases their talent and musical harmony.

Johnny Drille signed with Mavin Records in February 2017, and the stars aligned again. This milestone allowed him to broaden his artistic boundaries and reach more people with his soul-stirring melodies. On September 3, 2021, Johnny Drille released his debut album, “Before We Fall Asleep.”

Fourteen heartfelt tracks made up this wonderful work. Johnny Drille collaborated with Ayra Starr, Ladipoe, the Lagos community choir, Don Jazzy, Chylde, Kwitte, Cilsoul, and Styl Plus, demonstrating his versatility and ability to create deep emotions through music.

Mavin Records ignites Johnny Drille’s desire. His voice captures love, longing, and the human experience, enthralling listeners. His story shows us that dreams can come true and music can change lives.

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Johnny Drille, the melodies maestro, is a beacon of hope who touches our spirits. His passionate music takes us on a deep journey that transcends boundaries and touches the core of humanity.


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Is Johnny Drille Married?

Johnny Drille is married, that’s true. The Nigerian king of love songs, Johnny Drille, is married, according to current news. Don Jazzy, his mentor and the head of the record company he works for, shared the news on social media. Don Jazzy shared a picture of himself with Johnny Drille and his new wife on their wedding day. In the caption, he wrote how happy he was for Johnny Drille and his new wife.

Johnny Drille himself posted on his own social media accounts to confirm the story. He posted a clip from his new music video for the song “The Best Part,” in which his wife Rima Tahini plays the female lead. Johnny Drille thanked Rima for loving him in the comment. He called her his “other half” and thanked her for loving him.

Rima Tahini is in charge of A&R at Mavin Global, which is the same record company as Johnny Drille. Before this statement, there were rumors about Johnny Drille’s love life, such as that he was dating a woman named Tomi Ojo. But it looks like those rumors were wrong, and he has now found the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

The music video for “The Best Part” shows pictures from their wedding, which was kept secret until now. Johnny Drille and Rima Tahini have probably been married for about a year since Rima posted a video on Instagram to mark their one-year wedding without saying who she was with.

Johnny Drille's Marriage

When Johnny Drille fans heard that he and his new wife were getting married, they were happy and sent them compliments. People have said that Johnny Drille is good at writing love songs, so it makes sense that he has found a great woman to spend his life with.

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In short, the famous Nigerian R&B singer Johnny Drille is married to Rima Tahini, who is the director of A&R at Mavin Global. The two have been together for about a year, and they just recently announced their marriage on social media and in Johnny Drille’s music video for “The Best Part,” in which Rima plays the female lead. Fans and people who care about the couple are happy for them and have wished them a happy and good marriage.

Who is Johnny Drille Wife?

Rima Tahini, who is Johnny Drille’s wife, is the Director of Artist and Repertoire (A&R) for the well-known Nigerian record company Mavin Global. She is also a Senior Advisor at Kupanda Capital, a financial company, which is another job she has. According to the African Leadership Academy (ALA), where she got her degree, Rima Tahini was born in Sierra Leone to a Lebanese father and a Sierra Leonean mother.

Rima went to Brandeis University in Massachusetts and got her Bachelor’s degree in Business in 2016. She graduated summa cum laude. She has worked for Kupanda Capital since 2016, and in August 2018, she became the Director of A&R at Mavin Global. Rima Tahini still works for both Kupanda Capital and Mavin Global at the same time, according to her LinkedIn page.

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In March 2023, she spoke at the 25th anniversary of the African Business Summit, which was put on by Harvard Business School. She did this to show off how knowledgeable she was about the business world. Rima Tahini joined the Grammy Recording Academy in 2022, which shows how involved she is in the music area. She also runs an Artist Residency Fund at ALA, which gives young artists the chance to work with her and help Mavin Global.

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