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The Ark Episode 9 Release Date: Uncovering the Secrets of Ark Three and Ark 15!

The Ark Episode 9 Release Date: Last time, the squad was on Ark Three when Felix got the devastating news that his family had all died. Moreover, they discover what struck their spacecraft because Ark 15 was struck by the same energy as Ark Three. Evelyn Maddox seems to have been busy constructing more arks beyond the initial 12.

This post will reveal the release date and staging guide for The Ark Episode 9, but before we get there, a brief summary will be provided. Lt. Lane (Reece Ritchie) paced behind Lt. Garnet as she yelled to the crew of Ark Three. Garnet yells, but no one answers.

To Eva’s (Tiana Upcheva) dismay, Lt. Brice (Richard Fleeshman) volunteers to thoroughly inspect the ostensibly abandoned ship. Brice and Eva return to Ark One in order to rejoin the rest of the crew. Garnet authorizes Brice and Lane to form an inspection team for Ark Three. Start by searching for survivors.

The Ark Episode 9 Release Date

The seventh episode of The Ark will premiere on March 29 at roughly 10 p.m. (ET)(source: hiptoro). The duration of Episode 9 is expected to be approximately 43 minutes, and subtitles should be accessible on catch-up.

The Ark Plot

Before leaving, Lane thanks Garnet for saving their lives once more. He hates classifying her according to the Genes of her clones, these two wild children. Given that she is his supervisor, they seem to be sending me signals that may not be professional. Brice prepares the shuttle for another trip to Ark Three in the interim.

Eva pursues him and chastises him for accepting yet another dangerous task. Eva, pay attention: you are not his carer. He would rather depart on a high note than do nothing. Just let him be! Cat attempts to sneak across the bridge, but Alicia and Garnet grab her. Cat’s alleged best friend is expected to be on Ark Three.

The Ark Episode 9 Release Date

She desires a confirmation of her friend’s survival. Garnet orders her to observe from the area reserved for commoners. Angus then asks Cat if Garnet is present on the bridge. As a sign of appreciation for her efforts and to heal her burns, he desires to present her with an aloe plant. Cat grabs the torch being carried by Angus for Garnet.

She urges Angus to abandon his crush on Garnet for a girl his age. Eva activates Ark Three’s life support as the group gasps in horror at the several corpses lying at their feet. Lane notices their apparent suffocation. While on board Ark One, Garnet overhears their conversation and orders the crew to execute their respective responsibilities.

Lane attempts to use his codes to access the ship’s logs after boarding the bridge. Regrettably, he is unable to do so. When Brice and Eva search for the ship’s slumber bay cryo pods, they discover that none exist. Instead, there is a spacious staff quarter with bunk beds. Sasha (Milo Cvetkovi) discovers an alcoholic beverage while exploring the captain’s quarters.

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Clearly, he takes a sip. The deceased captain falls out of a cabinet and lands on Sasha. Then, an alarm sounds, and an on-screen threat appears. Sasha calls Brice and Eva and informs them that everything is venting.

Eva and Brice move instantly to set Sasha free. Eva picked locks after Harris’s demise. Thankfully, she manages to save Sasha before he runs out of oxygen.

Sasha is unresponsive when Brice does CPR, which is successful in reviving him. Success! Pavel (Pavle Jerinic) examines the bodies of the Ark’s three deceased crew members. He sends these photographs to Garnet and Alicia on Ark One, who recognise the travellers.

Garnet asserts that none of the above passengers are supposed to be on Ark Three. These were omitted from the first crew manifest. The deceased body of Felix’s husband Robert is discovered by Felix. Before turning his thoughts to his daughter Catherine, Felix is stunned. She has vanished. He asks everyone on the ship to keep an eye out for a little girl.

The Ark Trailer

The Ark Episode 9 Cast

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Where to Watch The Ark Episode 9?

The most recent episodes of The Ark are unique to Syfy in the United States. Regrettably, no premiere date has yet been confirmed for people in the United Kingdom and other nations. Along with other Syfy Originals, the programme may become available on Sky Max in the future.


The seventh episode of The Ark will premiere on March 29 at 10 p.m. ET and will focus on the squad’s search for survivors on Ark Three.

Lane thanks Garnet for saving their lives, and Brice and Lane form an inspection team to search for survivors. The Ark Episode 9 is unique to Syfy in the US and may become available on Sky Max in the future.

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