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John Mcafee Net Worth: How Did Mcafee’s Controversies Affect His Wealth?

Mcafee, the first commercial protection software, was made by John Mcafee, a well-known tech entrepreneur. He was a pioneer in the tech business, but he also had legal problems and ran into trouble with the law. In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at how much money John Mcafee has and how he got it.

Who Was John Mcafee?

Before we talk about how much money Mcafee had, let’s talk quickly about who he was. John David Mcafee was born in the UK on 18 September 1945 and died on 23 June 2021, but his family later moved to the US. He went to college in Virginia and got degrees in computer science and math. After that, he worked for a few tech companies before starting his own.

In 1987, Mcafeestarted a company called McAfee Associates, which made the first protection software for sale. In the end, the company was sold to Intel for $7.68 billion in 2010.

How Much Was John Mcafee Worth?

Celebrity Net Worth says that when John Mcafee died in 2021, he was worth $100 million. This number, however, has been disputed, and it is not clear how much of his wealth was tied to different assets and investments.

John Mcafee Net Worth

Mcafee’s net worth changed over the years, and he was known for living a luxurious life and acting in a strange way. He was also in trouble with the law. In Belize, he was a person of interest in a murder probe.

What Were John Mcafee’s Sources of Income?

John Mcafee had more ways to make money than just the sale of Mcafee Associates. He got rich because he was one of the first people to invest in Bitcoin and other coins. He also owned a yoga retreat in Guatemala and a software company, among other companies.

Mcafee was known for more than just his business efforts. He was also involved in a number of charitable activities. He gave money to many charities and groups, including ones that cared for animals and worked to protect the earth.

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How Did John Mcafee’s Controversies Affect His Wealth?

John Mcafee’s controversies, including his legal troubles and run-ins with the law, did have an impact on his wealth. He was forced to sell some of his assets to pay for legal fees and other expenses, and his reputation as a controversial figure may have deterred some investors.

John Mcafee Net Worth

However, Mcafee remained active in the tech industry and continued to invest in various ventures throughout his life.


In conclusion, John Mcafee’s net worth was $100 million at the time of his death. His sources of income included the sale of Mcafee Associates, investments in cryptocurrencies, and ownership of various businesses.

While his legal troubles and controversies may have affected his wealth, he remained active in the tech industry and continued to invest in various ventures.

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