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Ellen Barkin Net Worth: Infancy, Career, Relationships and Property!

In addition to her Emmy-winning portrayal in the TV drama Before Women Had Wings, Ellen Barkin is best recognised for her time on Animal Kingdom and her frank and forthright demeanour. There’s also the infamous squint.

Sea of Love, starring Al Pacino and Marilyn Monroe, made her a star in the 1980s and ’90s, thanks to her caustic tongue and no-nonsense manner.

Ellen Barkin Net Worth

Despite this, she isn’t only an actress. With Letters to Juliet and Another Happy Day, Barkin became a producer in 2010 and moved out into directing in the same year.


Born in the Bronx on April 16, 1954, Ellen Rona Barkin was an American actress. Ellen grew up in Flushing, Queens, New York, in a Jewish family. She is now a lawyer in Manhattan. She attended Hunter College to study history and act after graduating from Manhattan’s High School for Performing Arts. Barkin briefly pondered becoming an ancient history teacher after completing her double major. In New York, she attended the renowned Actors Studio, where she completed her acting training. It is said that Ellen studied acting for ten years before her first audition.


In the 1982 picture “Diner,” Barkin made his mark as an actor. In 1983, she was cast in “Tender Mercies” after garnering positive reviews. Ellen had already made a name for herself in Hollywood when she landed roles in films like “The Big Easy” and “Sea of Love” in the late 1980s. She also starred in several off-Broadway productions during this same period.

The role she played in “Before Women Had Wings” got her an Emmy nomination in the late 1990s. Barkin’s performance in “Switch” got her further nominations for awards. She had appearances in films including “The White River Kid” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” throughout the late 1990s. “Ocean’s Thirteen” starred Ellen in 2007.

She made her Broadway debut in 2011 with “The Normal Heart,” a play that won her a Tony Award for best actress in a play. Her performance in “Another Happy Day,” one of her most well-known films from this period, received significant praise. Barkin appeared in television shows like “Happyish” and “Animal Kingdom” in the mid-2010s.


The actor Gabriel Byrne was Barkin’s first husband. They were married in 1988. Before their divorce in 1999, Byrne and Barkin had two children together. Gabriel and Ellen terminated their relationship amicably, and he even attended Ellen’s wedding to wealthy Ronald Perelman a year later. It wasn’t until 2006 that Ron and Ellen finally divorced.

Settlement in a Divorce Case

$40 million was the amount she received in her divorce settlement. In other reports, Ellen was “surprised” by Perelman’s lawyers with divorce papers, and Perelman’s security guards were escorting her out of their home as she was ordered to do so by the judge. Barkin, who said that she was in love with Perelman, was devastated by the breakup. Although Ellen claims that Ron saw her as an “accessory,” or a trophy wife, on the other side, A year later, she filed a lawsuit against Perelman, saying that he had pledged to invest $3.4 million in her fledgling film production firm. Ron was eventually compelled to pay her 4.3 million dollars by a judge.

Collection of Jewellery

More than 100 costly pieces of jewellery were in Barkin’s hands following her divorce from Perelman. Ellen opted to sell these items at Christie’s in Rockefeller Center for $15 million in 2006. Her ex-husband gifted her several of these artefacts if not all of them. She had a 32-carat apricot diamond ring presented to her by Ron just a few weeks before their divorce. As a bonus, she possessed a set of $80,000 emerald and gold cufflinks that were originally intended for the Duchess of Windsor!

Ellen Barkin Net Worth

Doris Duke once wore an emerald necklace worth about $350,000. Among the items auctioned off was her antique pearl necklace, which was valued at about $500,000. The ultra-exclusive jeweller “JAR,” who creates just 80 pieces a year, is responsible for several of her works. Barkin reportedly went to bed wearing a pendant with a 16.94-carat diamond (worth about $700,000).

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This stereotype of a trophy wife packed with garish jewellery was reinforced after the breakup by Ellen’s assessment that many of these pieces were “chunky and arrogant.” As part of her announcement that she would be auctioning off her jewellery collection, she also said she planned on using the earnings to start a production company in Hollywood. Barkin’s jewellery collection reportedly sold for more than $20 million during the auction, according to sources

Investing in Property

According to reports, Ellen Barkin bought a $7.5 million townhouse in Manhattan’s West Village in 2006. After being “evicted” from her ex-Upper husband’s East Side mansion, she purchased the property. Despite her fondness for the property, Barkin claimed that she would prefer live in an apartment than a house.

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Even yet, Ellen was said to have “liked” the Greek Revival district in which her townhouse was located. When it was purchased in 2002 for $2.6 million, the 20-foot-wide house underwent major modifications.

Ellen Barkin’s Net Worth Is Currently Unknown

In addition to her acting career, Ellen Barkin is a multi-millionaire businesswoman. With a part in the 1982 film “Diner,” Ellen became one of Hollywood’s most famous faces in a string of prominent roles.

Ellen Barkin Net Worth

She has a reputation for being a “tough cookie.” Barkin stands apart from the typical Hollywood female archetype with her signature squinting eyes and somewhat off-kilter facial features.

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In “Sea of Love,” opposite Al Pacino, she had a distinguishing part because of her unconventional characteristics.


It’s estimated that Ellen Barkin’s net worth is in the neighbourhood of $97 million. Actress and producer Ellen Barkin are an American. As a result, she went on to act in films like Tender Mercies and Eddie after her breakout performance in 1982’s Diner.

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