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Jake Paul Asserts That Ksi “Needs” Him for a Boxing Match, but That He Wants Mcgregor Instead

Jake Paul provided an explanation as to why he is not overly desperate to fight KSI, stating that his longtime adversary “needs” someone else to sell pay-per-views. Jake Paul’s explanation was given in the video included below.

In spite of the fact that a number of them have moved on to fight with professional fighters and stars of mixed martial arts, a lot of people still want to see Jake Paul and KSI fight inside of a boxing ring.

Despite his recent triumphs over Swarmz and Luis Pineda, KSI claims that he has a long way to go before he can compete on the same level as Jake. On the other side, Jake has stated that he is willing to compete against KSI in the United Kingdom provided the latter is willing to risk a portion of his PRIME Hydration business.

Jake’s disposition undoubtedly worsened as a direct result of the fact that the two of them “decided” to fight at some time in 2023. It appears that he verbally accepted to fight Tommy Fury, and he continues to express interest in a bout with Nate Diaz. And from the perspective of Superboy, he does not see KSI in this light at all.

Jake Paul Says KSI “Needs” Him for Boxing

Jake talked to DAZN about his plans for the future and whether or not he thinks his fight against KSI will be the most financially significant fight of his career before Floyd Mayweather’s triumph over Deji, which he attended as a guest. Mayweather won the fight against Deji.

Jake quickly responded with a “No.” “I believe that my battle against McGregor is perhaps the most crucial of all of my fights because he is still competing and still young. It would be ridiculous to hold press conferences.”

Despite this, he went back to a possible confrontation with KSI. Pay-per-views are not actually something that KSI sells on its own. He requires either Logan Paul or Jake Paul,” he went on to say. “He sells a lot of product like Sidemen trash and all that, but pay-per-view is different when someone shakes out $60,” someone said. “He sells a lot of merchandise like Sidemen shit and all that.”

Despite the fact that Jake does not want to fight his longstanding adversary, KSI will have the opportunity to disprove the charges that Jake has made about him on the boxing card that he promotes for PRIME in the new year.

Who knows what might take place in the future if he is successful in gaining another triumph there and gaining Jake’s attention through sales.

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