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Is Triptych Based on a True Story?

Is Triptych Based on a True Story? Netflix’s most recent Mexican thriller drama series, Triptych, explores the intriguing and mysterious world of a forensic specialist, Becca. Becca stumbles to discover a surprising revelation while investigating a murder case, as depicted in the episode.

Becca embarks on a perilous adventure to learn the secrets of her origins after she discovers a surprising truth about her past after realizing that the victim has a strong resemblance to her.

The show’s extraordinary blend of drama, mystery, and suspense will capture viewers with its captivating plot and outstanding performers. This plot makes us question whether or not Triptych is based on a true story. This page describes the actual events that inspired the show.

Is Triptych Based on a True Story?

Although the makers of the show loosely mention that Triptych is based on a true story, they do not clarify which true story they are referencing.

Yet, numerous parallels suggest that it may be based on a true story about three brothers who reunite years after being separated. Nonetheless, this topic is discussed in greater detail later in the text.

Triptych is a Mexican mystery-thriller television series about a forensic scientist, Becca (Maite Perroni), who realises that a deceased lady closely resembles her.

She desires to learn more about herself, including who she is and what she does for a living. Becca discovers that the victim’s name was Aleida Trujano and that she was the CEO of a large international corporation.

Is Triptych Based on a True Story

Aleida resembled Becca in every way and was born on the same day as her. Becca then rationally concludes that Aleida is her sister and questions her mother about it.

She then confronts Aleida’s purported mother about her daughter’s life, only to discover that she does not care to discuss it and wishes to conceal her daughter’s death.

Things become increasingly worse when Becca meets a woman who looks identical to her, and the people who could explain how it is possible that they never met each other abruptly vanish.

Becca and her sister must do everything they can to get to the bottom of it since it is evident that there is a huge mystery and cover-up involved.

The show gradually becomes a suspenseful thriller with chases and explosions, all in an effort to conceal the truth. The presentation must explain why three sisters were separated at birth, why they were adopted by three different families, and why they all have various socioeconomic standings.

These facts support the notion that the adoptions of three sisters were planned so that they would live three distinct lives in various social circles and economic circumstances.

Hence, if they were truly part of a sociological experiment from birth and their families were aware of it, it is reasonable to believe that the real-life circumstances on which the show is based were those of Three Identical Strangers, which the documentary discusses.

Thus, given that Triptych is based on these actual events, let’s examine the story behind the documentary Three Identical Strangers.

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Triptych Story on Real Event

Three Identical Strangers is a documentary that recounts the incredible true story of triplets Robert Shafran, Eddy Galland, and David Kellman, who were separated at birth and adopted by three different families in New York City in 1961.

The three brothers were unaware of each other’s existence until Robert and Eddy were 19 and they were reconnected by happenstance.

The documentary demonstrates how the three brothers, who had diverse upbringings, rapidly bonded and discovered that they had a great deal in common, such as their musical preferences and propensity to smoke the same brand of cigarettes.

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Yet, as the story progresses, the documentary discloses a dark secret that the triplets and their adoptive parents had kept hidden for decades.

The separation of the triplets was the outcome of secret research done by a noted child psychiatrist, Dr Peter Neubauer, and the Louise Wise Adoption Agency.

The purpose of the study was to shed light on the nature vs nurture argument and the influence of genetics on infant development.

The triplets were separated at birth and placed in various socioeconomic contexts to determine their future outcomes.

Is Triptych Based on a True Story

Without the knowledge or agreement of the triplets’ birth mothers or adoptive families, the study was done.

Thus, there are numerous parallels between the plot of Triptych and the genuine life of the three brothers. Three identical twins from different socioeconomic backgrounds were ignorant of each other for years.

The show still needs to prove that there is a social experiment involving Becca and her sisters, and it added thriller, crime, and mystery components to spice things up and give the audience the suspense sensation we all enjoy when watching the show.

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