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Is Bruised Based on a True Story?

‘Bruised’ is a sports drama that follows MMA fighter, Jackie Justice, as she battles to regain her career after a heartbreaking loss. Her little son, from whom she has been alienated for many years and from whom she has been estranged for many years, returns to her life after undergoing a painful event.

As mother and son seek to rebuild their lives and gradually understand more about each other, Jackie attempts to reclaim the championship. But how much of this uplifting story is based on actual events? And is Jackie Justice a legitimate mixed martial arts fighter? Let’s find out.

Is Bruised Based on a True Story?

No, “Bruised” is not based on real events. The film was written by Michelle Rosenfarb, with Halle Berry modifying the script to include a central character who is a black single mother of middle age. Berry pitched the character alterations, story modifications, and tone adjustments to the film’s producers, who ultimately agreed to support her vision.

The actor-director adored the story and its fractured protagonist, who perseveres and embarks on a road of atonement when she first read the script in 2017.

Berry thought that making the main character a middle-aged African-American lady would add a fresh touch to an “old genre” (of fight films). Once the producers were on board and the script was being revised by herself and the writers, the star began searching for the ideal director to realize her vision.

This proved to be more difficult than anticipated, and after an exhaustive search and the suggestion of her friend and producing partner, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Berry took on the enormous task herself.

Given how much work she had put into the character, the last thing she wanted was for it all to go in vain due to a director who did not share her vision. Thus, the story of ‘Bruised’ was adapted from a fictional script about a young MMA fighter to match a narrative that Halle Berry could relate to. Now let’s examine how and whether she based her gritty character on a real-life MMA fighter.

who is bruised based on

Is Jackie Justice a Real MMA Fighter?

Jackie Justice is not a genuine mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter; she is a fictional character portrayed by Halle Berry, who put tremendous work into creating the talented yet disgraced image. Berry drew inspiration from her difficulties and “fights” to imbue Jackie Justice with authentically gritty emotions, in addition to the apparent alterations necessary to make the character match her.

Oscar-winning actress explained how she related to the character: “I understand being marginalized as a Black woman and the anger, resentment, fear, and frustration that comes with it.

If I could incorporate everything I know so well into this film, I knew I could create a character who would not only be believable but also resonate with women of different races.”

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In addition to imbuing her character with a wealth of personal experiences and emotion, Berry spent approximately eight months engaging in intensive martial arts training to prepare for her role. Her daily program comprised four to six hours of training in boxing, Muay Thai, judo, jujitsu, and capoeira. She also had broken ribs during filming a fight scene for the movie.

Even though Jackie Justice’s main character is not based on a real mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, the film’s lead actor-director incorporates many of her own experiences into the narrative.

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Berry’s real-life “battle,” although distinct from the one faced by her character, imbues the latter with a genuine sense of struggle and tenacity. Although “Bruised” and its main character are fictitious, the story’s metaphorical message is based on real-life struggles, making it feel authentic and uplifting.

Where Can I View the Film Bruised?

The movie is available on the OTT Platform, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. It is not accessible on Hulu, Hotstar, or any other service.

Is The Film a Hit?

The film received mixed reviews from reviewers and was involved in a controversy in 2021; yet, it was neither a smash hit nor a bomb and was merely ordinary.

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