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Is The Guy On NCIS Really In A Wheelchair?

If you’ve seen NCIS, you’ve probably wondered if the guy in the wheelchair uses a wheelchair in real life. Isn’t it? This is about Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, for those who don’t know.

Before we talk about anything else, let’s learn a little bit about that guy, the actor, and NCIS: New Orleans.

Daryl Mitchell is a versatile actor from The Bronx who has been acting since he was a child. He was born on July 16, 1965, and is now 57.

Daryl’s acting credits include Black Knight, Playback, Inside Man, Law & Order, Here and Now, The John Larroquette Show, Veronica’s Closet, Ed, Brothers, and Fear the Walking Dead.

In NCIS: New Orleans, Daryl Mitchell played the computer expert Patton Plame. In the show, he was also called Triple P. Talking NCIS: New Orleans is about how Dwayne “King” Pride, the agent, looks into things that affect military personnel.

Is he by himself? No. He’s got his group. It came out in 2014 and is still doing great things.


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If you haven’t seen the previous episodes of NCIS: New Orleans, you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. In one of the Season 4 episodes, Daryl Mitchell was in a wheelchair after getting hurt.

Some of his fans were sure that he was just as good in real life as he was on screen. What’s the meaning of that? Is Daryl unable to work? If you want to know if Daryl Mitchell from NCIS really uses a wheelchair, here’s what you need to know.

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Does Daryl Mitchell, The Guy In NCIS:

Yes. The guy on NCIS: New Orleans, Daryl Mitchell, uses a wheelchair in real life. In other words, the actor has a disability, but he does well in the business world. That’s all because he was determined, worked hard, and was brave.

As we already said, the episode of Season 4 is called “The Accident.” Well, that also has to do with Daryl’s use of a wheelchair. What’s the meaning of that? He wasn’t born with a disability. Then? After getting in a motorcycle accident, the NCIS actor has to use a wheelchair. It’s so sad!

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In 2015, Daryl Mitchell talked about what happened to him that put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. To be more specific, it happened when he was traveling in South Carolina in 2001.

He was on his motorcycle, but he didn’t know much about the roads or where he was going. Also, it was getting pretty dark.

On this note, Daryl said, “I went around a bend, and on the other side, there was gravel and lose pavement, and bam, the bike shot right under me.” We don’t know who took him to the hospital, but after five days, he regained his senses.


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When asked about the most important things in his life, Daryl Mitchell said that his family and some of his friends pushed him to keep working on movies and TV shows. Those friends were Chris Tucker and Denzel Washington.

Daryl joined NCIS: New Orleans because he knew that many of his fans would get to know an actor with a disability through the show.

People with disabilities are sometimes looked down on, no matter how skilled, knowledgeable, or talented they are. Isn’t it? But Daryl Mitchell wanted to disprove this idea, which he has done.

Since Daryl Mitchell has been in a wheelchair for years, he is now the person who speaks up for hiring disabled actors. What a nice guy! The guy on NCIS, Daryl, deserves all the best! You can follow Daryl Mitchell on Instagram to get more news about him.

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