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Is Sarah Cameron Dead in Season 2 of Outer Banks? Does Sarah Resurrect?

Season 2 of Outer Banks is now available on Netflix, taking up just where season 1 left off. Early in the season, Kie, JJ, and Pope believe that their pals Sarah and John B drowned when they jumped into the ocean to escape danger. Thus, John B. and Sarah return to the fleeing scene and are regarded as criminals in the Bahamas.

Season 2 features many near-death experiences for the Pogues, especially Sarah. And if there’s one thing Outer Banks showrunners enjoy doing, it’s incorporating plot twists and cliffhangers whenever possible. Continue reading to find out if Sarah made it out alive.

Who is Sarah Cameron?

Madelyn Renee Cline (born December 21, 1997) is a model and actress from the United States. She portrayed Sarah Cameron on Netflix’s teen drama series Outer Banks (2020-present) and Whiskey in Rian Johnson’s mystery film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022).

]Is Sarah Cameron Dead

Is Sarah Cameron Dead in Season 2 of Outer Banks?

In a sense, I suppose. Her heart stops beating, and John B conducts frantic CPR while Mr Arthritis Cure embodies the emoji for a shrug. “She’s simply lost too much blood, youngster,” he says to John B as the monitor behind them flatlines.

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Sarah stays technically dead for several minutes while her boyfriend screams at her to wake up. The Sleeping Beauty kiss of life does not work until he tells her he loves her, at which point her fingers twitch.

Not-Doc strolls back into the room, realises that she is still alive, and offers John B a nod of approval as if to say, “Well done on that love confession! It worked remarkably well!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sarah Resurrect?

They come close to escaping when Sarah is shot. She kisses Rasmus as she bleeds out, and then she dies. The kiss infects her, and the virus subsequently restores her to life.

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Is Sarah Cameron Still Alive?

In the second season, Sarah and John B are hiding out in the Bahamas. After John B goes to Ward’s residence in search of riches, he gets them into difficulties, and Ward discovers that his daughter is still alive. Rafe shoots and briefly “kills” Sarah. In the end, they return to Charleston.

How Old is Supposedly Sarah Cameron?

Sarah Cameron, age 16, is John B.’s principal love interest. She is known as a “Kook” in the Outer Banks, which refers to a wealthy person. Sarah is able to flee her snobby and in some cases downright nasty family in order to find love with John B. and his buddies, the “Pogues.”


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