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Is Ricky Norwood Gay? The Truth About His Sexuality and Love Life

Is Ricky Norwood Gay? As excitement grows about Ricky Norwood’s future appearance on the 16th season of Dancing on Ice in 2024, fans and people who are just plain curious have been looking into the actor’s personal life.

Ricky Norwood has always been a beloved figure in the showbiz world. He is best known for his iconic role as Fatboy in the long-running BBC soap opera EastEnders.

Since he left the show the first time and went on an amazing trip to finish second in the 18th season of Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, Norwood has stayed in the public eye.

With more and more rumors about his sexuality, especially his sexual orientation, it’s time to find out what this EastEnders star is really like. Ricky Norwood, is he gay? In this piece, let’s look at this interesting part of his life.

Who is Ricky Norwood?

Ricky James Norwood is an English actor who is best known for playing Fatboy in the BBC soap series EastEnders (2010–2015, 2023) and its online spin-off EastEnders: E20 (2010–2011).

Is Ricky Norwood Gay?

After he left the show for the first time, Norwood was a housemate on the 18th season of Celebrity Big Brother in 2016. He came in second place. In 2024, he will also be on the sixteenth season of Dancing on Ice.

Is Ricky Norwood Gay?

Ricky Norwood is not gay, that’s a no. Even though there have been rumors and claims about Ricky Norwood’s sexuality, there is no solid evidence to suggest that he is gay. One reason for the mistake could be that he played a “vile, violent homophobe” in Marty Ross’s audio drama “Romeo and Jude,” a gay version of Romeo and Juliet.

But it’s important to keep in mind that an actor’s part on screen doesn’t always reflect their sexuality in real life. Ricky Norwood is now 40 years old. He has kept his personal life private and has never talked about his sexuality in public. Still, it’s worth noting that he’s only been with women in the past, which could mean that he’s straight.

In the end, it’s important to respect his privacy and not assume anything about his personal life based on his acting parts alone.

Who is Ricky Norwood Dating Now?

Ricky Norwood is not going out with anyone right now. Ricky Norwood is single right now, but he was dating a woman he didn’t tell anyone about in 2017.

Ricky Norwood’s girlfriend was in the crowd while Emma Willis talked to him for the conversation. People said that Ricky cried a few tears because he was so sad.

Is Ricky Norwood Gay?

In the film above, it’s easy to see them kissing and holding each other. They look very happy to be back with each other and very much in love. Just look at the picture; the beautiful redhead looks happy to see Ricky after a few weeks. Whoa! It really shows us how amazing their love is.

Ricky was often asked about his relationship with his girlfriend and any secret affairs he had with her, but he never answered and never even said her name. See how serious they are about each other in the tweet above that Ricky Norwood sent. The way they hold hands makes it look like they are stuck together.

Jane Ewen is a TV star, and Ricky was once in a relationship with her. They started dating in 2009, and it lasted for two years. The two famous people broke up because they both had to focus on their careers.

Ricky’s overly physical behavior with his fiancee scared everyone and sparked a lot of wonder, which has kept his fans interested.

But Ricky has decided to keep quiet for now about his lover. As he left, his excited fans had to wait and see what would happen next.

Even though Ricky and the couple were dating behind their friends’ backs at the time, Ricky kept bringing it up. Since Ricky doesn’t do that anymore, it’s possible that they broke up and Ricky is still riding alone.

In the spotlights of their competitors, this year have been many renowned celebrities. There are numerous well-known personalities here, such as Hunter Hayes and Diane Warren. But we think all the questions that our readers had have been covered in our blogs. We trust this clarifies your inquiry concerning the sexual orientation of Ricky Norwood.


Ricky Norwood, best known for his role as Fatboy in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, has been the subject of rumors about his sexuality. Despite being single, he was once in a relationship with TV star Jane Ewen.

Despite rumors about his sexuality, there is no solid evidence to suggest he is gay. Norwood has kept his personal life private and has only been with women in the past, which could suggest he is straight.

As excitement grows for his upcoming appearance on Dancing on Ice in 2024, it’s important to respect his privacy.

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