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Is Peter Dutton Married? A Look into His Relationship Status

Peter Dutton is the leader of the Australian opposition. His wife is Kirilly Dutton, and they have a family. Find out about Dutton’s successful political job and how he lives his private life.
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Is Peter Dutton Married?

Peter Dutton is married, that is true. He is married to Kirilly Dutton right now. They got married in July 2003, and have been together for a very long time. Harry and Tom are the couple’s kids, and Kirilly is also the stepmother to Rebecca, Peter Dutton’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Kirilly is a dedicated wife and mother, but she is also a great businesswoman. As part of their family’s business, she owns and runs two childcare centers. Peter Dutton has talked in public about his wife’s support and how much they love their children. Their marriage and family life have been important parts of his life story.

Peter Dutton’s first marriage, which ended in 1992 after only a few months, ended before he married Kirilly. Since then, though, he has been married to Kirilly, and their relationship has lasted over the years. Kirilly has been an important part of his life as his partner, the mother of their children, and a business partner.

Where Does Peter Dutton Live?

Peter Dutton, the leader of the Australian opposition and a former Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Defense, has kept his personal life pretty quiet. Even though the source doesn’t say where he lives now, it does give some information about his life.

Dutton is known to have done well in business and law enforcement before getting into politics. He has been married to Kirilly since 2003, and they have two boys together. Kirilly is a successful business owner who runs childcare businesses. They also own a large number of properties, including a shopping center in Townsville, which is part of a large property collection.

Is Peter Dutton Married

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Also, they have sold a vacation home on the Gold Coast before. The couple’s finances and businesses suggest that they live a comfortable and successful life, but no one knows where they live.

Peter Dutton First Wife

Peter Dutton’s first wife is still mostly a mystery, and there isn’t much known about their marriage. From what we know, they got married in 1992, when Peter Dutton was only 22 years old and still working as a police officer. Their marriage only lasted a few months, which was too bad. There isn’t a lot of information about why they broke up.

We don’t know much about Peter Dutton’s first wife, like her name or where she came from. It looks like their relationship finished quickly, which led to them getting a divorce. After this first marriage, Peter Dutton married his current wife, Kirilly Dutton, in 2003. He has two sons and a sister, Rebecca, with his current wife.

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Peter Dutton Kids

Peter Dutton is happy to be the father of three kids, two boys and a girl. His oldest child, a daughter called Rebecca, was born in March 2002, when he was the MP for the Queensland seat of Dickson. Rachel, Rebecca’s mother, and Dutton were not together when she was born, which was hard for the whole family.

But since then, Dutton has shown a lot of love and joy for his daughter, calling her the “best mistake” he ever made and calling her a “gorgeous girl.” People have also said that Peter’s wife, Kirilly Dutton, is “incredible” for how she treats Rebecca.

Peter and Kirilly Dutton also have two boys, Harry and Tom, who they have with each other. Harry is 17 years old right now, and Tom is 16. Peter has praised Kirilly for how hard she works as a mother and grandmother to the children. She also runs two daycares.

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Even though Peter’s job as a politician is very demanding, Kirilly’s job as a single mother for six months of the year makes sure that when he comes home, the attention is on their children. This shows how important family is in their lives. The Dutton family’s story shows that love and loyalty go beyond politics and public life.

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