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Is Monique Samuels Still Married? Catch Up on Her Relationship

In June 2023, Monique Samuels filed for divorce from NFL star husband Chris Samuels. This ends their more than 10-year marriage, even though she had denied rumors of a breakup earlier. This article tells about the couple’s journey and Monique’s choice to seek a divorce.
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Is Monique Samuels Still Married?

No, Monique Samuels is no longer married to Chris Samuels because she filed for a divorce from him in June 2023. Monique Samuels, who denied rumors of a split last year, has now started the official process of filing for divorce from her husband, NFL star Chris Samuels, with whom she has been married for over a decade.

Monique, who is 39 years old, has reportedly filed the necessary paperwork with the well-known Montgomery County Family Court, which seems to be a change from her prior position. This smart move shows that she wants to start the complicated process of ending her marriage to Chris, who is 45 years old.

Given that Monique had tried to stop rumors of a split in the past, this choice is a big change. Sources who can be trusted say that the official end of Monique Samuels and Chris Samuels’ marriage is now in the works.

Monique Samuels Husband

Chris Samuels is Monique Samuels’s husband. Chris Samuels is a former NFL player who made a name for himself as an offensive tackle, mostly for the Washington Redskins during his ten-season career. In March 2012, Monique and Chris Samuels tied the knot.

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As they got married, they both made appearances on reality TV shows, like “Love & Marriage: DC,” which gave people a look into their personal lives and how they interacted. After 10 years of marriage, Monique and Chris stated in June 2023 that they were getting a divorce. This ended their marriage.

Monique Samuels Kids

Monique Samuels is a well-known person from the show “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” She has three children, and each of them is important in her life. In 2012, Monique got married to Chris Samuels, a former NFL player. This was the start of her family life. They have raised a family together, which includes two sons and a daughter.


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Their strong bond is shown by the fact that Christopher, their oldest son, is still with them. Chase, the couple’s second kid, brings joy and energy to their home. Their daughter Milani rounds out the group, and Monique is sure that she has a special place in her heart for her.

Monique and Chris have done well in their roles as parents and reality TV stars, even though they have had to deal with the difficulties that come with both jobs. Monique’s honesty about their journey on and off-screen shows how hard and rewarding being a mother can be.

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Notably, Monique has talked about how their participation in reality TV shows like “RHOP” has helped their marriage by bringing them back together and helping them keep a strong relationship with their kids.

Monique Samuels Divorce

Monique Samuels, star of ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac,’ has confirmed her divorce from Chris Samuels. Monique revealed her reasons for ending their 10-year marriage on Instagram Live.

Monique said this during a candid talk about her therapy path. Her counselor asked her to imagine her perfect marriage and whether Chris could fit in.

Monique carefully listed the benefits and negatives and contemplated their relationship. Monique finally realized that her own unhappiness was a major reason.

She freely stated that their problems went beyond Chris, including her own hardships, unsolved traumas, and self-discovery.

Intriguingly, Monique stressed the difficult but essential process of accepting her flaws and being whole. She stressed her personal growth and the importance of boundaries in this transformative era. This internal metamorphosis prompted her to realize she had changed dramatically since they married 11 years ago.

Monique examined their relationship’s effects on their children. She acknowledged that keeping the marriage for the children could set a bad example.

She discussed their relationship issues, citing the first season of ‘Love & Marriage: D.C.’ She stressed that they were on a therapeutic path to address their concerns despite these obstacles.

Monique was similarly nuanced in her unwillingness to discuss their marital issues. She explained that publicizing these potentially negative features wouldn’t help their co-parenting. She stressed that their current arrangement was the result of mutual understanding and reflection.

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Monique’s open discussion of her divorce illuminates the complex web of connections, self-discovery, and personal progress. Her openness to share her journey gives others traveling equally complicated terrains insight, empathy, and resonance.

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