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Is Meme Kombat the Future Pepe Coin? The Next Big Thing in Crypto?

Is Meme Kombat the Future Pepe Coin?  Pepe Coin is one of the most successful cryptocurrencies in 2023, but a new meme coin is now trying to overtake it.

When it came out in April, Pepe Coin’s rapid growth shocked the crypto world. In just two days, the price of the token went up 1,300%, and daily trade reached a mind-boggling $500 million. The market value of Pepe Coin went over $1.6 billion in less than three weeks.

With a total supply of 420.69 trillion coins (the meaning of these numbers should be clear to any 13-year-old), PEPE was “fueled by pure memetic power” and writing a new chapter in the history of meme coins, following in the paths of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Now it seems like it’s time to pass the torch to the next generation, as Meme Kombat (MK) takes the stage and gets ready to be the next big thing in the meme coin world.

We asked Joe Parys, a crypto expert and one of the most famous YouTube crypto analysts if he thought Meme Kombat would become the next Pepe Coin. Here’s what he said.

The Success of the Pepe Coin Made It Possible for a New Generation of Meme Coins to Be Made

Pepe Coin showed that meme coins can still shock the market. Its phrase, “Make Memecoins Great Again,” was a reference to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. Even though some people said that the age of meme power was over, the huge success of popular PEPE showed that the market still wants well-designed meme coins.

Based on the character Pepe Frog, who was created by artist Matt Furie for his book Boy’s Club, the meme went through a lot. Pepe has been used by the alt-right and other radical groups, and the Anti-Defamation League has even called him a hate speech symbol.

Is Meme Kombat the Future Pepe Coin?

The main reason the people who made Pepe Coin picked it as their token was because it was controversial, and that turned out to be a good choice.

Right now, PEPE is just a ghost of what it used to be. At a price of $0.0000007283, the market cap of the token is just over $285 million. We haven’t seen a new token that can claim to be the king of meme coins, despite many tries, but Meme Kombat is a real contender.

The new cryptocurrency project and its native token MK have a lot of promise, which is why investors are rushing to buy as many as they can during the presale.

All signs point to its growth going through the roof once the presale is over and the token starts showing up on cryptocurrency markets.

Is Meme Kombat the Pepe Coin of the Future?

Crypto expert Joe Parys says that Meme Kombat is one of the “Top 5 meme crypto coins for 2024 and beyond” on his YouTube channel, Joe Parys Crypto, which has more than 380,000 followers.

Meme Kombat is one of the most exciting tokens on the market right now. It has a unique mix of meme potential, interesting Play2Earn mechanics, betting, and staking.

Meme Kombat’s main idea is to put two popular memes against each other and let users choose which one wins. Floki, Pepe, Pepe 2 Shiba, Sponge, Wojack, DogeBaby Doge, Milady, Kishu, and Mong are 11 of these memes that you can choose from in Season 1.

Based on popular meme coins, these memes were chosen because they get a lot of attention and likes from different Meme Kombat fans.

When Season 1 starts in the third quarter of 2023, the names of the competitors will be made public. Users will be able to bet on the winner of each round of battle, so they can make money by backing their favorite jokes. They can also play the chances and make a good amount of extra money that way.

There are a few ways to make money with Meme Kombat. Two of them are staking and betting. Traditional dealing is still by far the most profitable choice, though. Many crypto experts agree that the token’s value will go up by 25x to 100x as soon as it starts trading on crypto exchanges.

This means that early buyers stand to make a lot of money. The only question is whether or not they can buy enough MK coins before the presale ends.

Meme Kombat is Different From Other Meme Coins Because It Has a Lucrative Staking Option

Staking is becoming more and more popular, so more and more developers are adding it to their crypto projects. Meme Kombat has been on board with it since the beginning. They offer an amazing 112% APY, which is much higher than the average in the business.

If betting on meme battles isn’t your thing, you might like Stake better. Once started, it is a passive process that doesn’t take much from users. It only takes a few minutes to stake your MK tokens, and then you can sit back and watch the money come in.

Even better, you can stake your tokens before the app has even been released. During the presale, if you buy MK tokens, you can stake them right away and make stake rewards while the presale is still going on.

The Pre-Sale for Meme Kombat is in Full Swing

It only took a few hours for the Meme Kombat pre-sale to raise $100,000. This is a strong sign of how widely accepted the idea is and a powerful sign of how popular it is. Several “crypto whales” showed a lot of interest by buying a lot of coins in the first few days of the presale. This is a big deal.

One MK costs $1.667 in the presale, which is a bit more than we usually see in ICOs. But the people who made Meme Kombat are sure that the presale will go as planned and that the 6 million tokens will be sold on time. A number of experts in crypto agree with that opinion.

Six million tokens are half of the total number of MKs. The remaining 40% is split between rewards for staking and battles, liquidity on decentralized exchanges, and community awards.

In the end,

The crazy rise of Pepe Coin has brought back the niche of meme coins and started a new era of tokens based on popular memes. Now, Meme Kombat, an up-and-coming cryptocurrency, is being called the next Pepe Coin because it wants to repeat its success.

Joe Parys, a cryptocurrency expert, talks about his ideas and predictions. He says that the MK token is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in for 2024. Those who buy it early could be among the next crypto winners when it goes on the open market.

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