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Is Lucy on the Rookie Pregnant in Real Life? Is It A Rumour?

Though Season 4 of The Rookie has been action-packed so far, fans are already wondering what’s in store for the rest of the season. An unanticipated pregnancy is a surefire recipe for chaos (even if that chaos becomes a good thing). Many admirers of The Rookie are now theorising that Lucy Chen is expecting a child.

Is Lucy on the Rookie Pregnant in Real Life?

In Season 4, Lucy is fortunate enough not to face any further shocks as she recovers from her trauma (that we know of). No one seems to be talking about the fact that she’s pregnant, which they certainly would if the show’s writers had intended to do so. As Lucy faces her kidnapping trial this season, there is almost no indication that she is pregnant.

Is Lucy on the Rookie Pregnant in Real Life


Nonetheless, it’s simple to assume that she’s expecting a child. However, it’s true that Mekia Cox’s Nyla Harper is expecting a child. Although she already has a child, Nyla and Mekia’s pregnancy is announced in Episode 11. There will soon be a new member of the family joining Nyla and Lila, most likely because Mekia is pregnant in real life as well.

What Are the Rumours About Her Pregnancy?

Lucy may or may not be pregnant in The Rookie, but the woman playing her backstage may be, according to rumours. This claim, however, appears to be completely groundless; it was published on a spoof site called “Media Mass,” a pun on “mass media.”

In its own words, the site aims to “reveal with humour, exaggeration, and ridicule the present mass production and mass consumerism that we watch.”

However, since it quotes anonymous “sources” for every rumour it publishes, it can sometimes appear to be highly credible. To cite just one example from the article regarding Melissa: “Canadian tabloids recently suggested Melissa O’Neil was pregnant after she sported what some regarded as a ‘baby bump.'” “A source close to the couple confirmed their pregnancy to the media,” the article states.

But this is really a wild urban legend; in fact, a little digging reveals that the website explicitly states that all of its claims are false.

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In fact, Melissa is notoriously tight-lipped about her private life. We don’t know if Melissa is married or dating anyone, but we do know that she is a fantastic actress who has starred in shows like iZombie and Dark Matter in addition to her current role as the lead in The Rookie.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Currently Pregnant on the Rookie?

Season 5 begins with Harper still very much pregnant and expected to be resting up for the arrival of her child.

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Is Rookie Still on the Air?

The Rookie has not been renewed or cancelled for a sixth season as of December 5, 2022. Keep an eye out for future information.


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