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“The Boys Season 3” Episode 4 Recap, Reviews and Ending Explained!

The opening few episodes of Season 3 of The Boys do a great job of establishing the stakes and tone for our favourite gang of misfits’ new mission. To begin, we see Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Starlight (Erin Moriarty) going about their happy lives.

The trio of Butcher (Karl Urban), Frenchie (Tomer Capone), and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara), aided by Hughie and Neuman, are shown continuing their struggle against the Supes (Claudia Doumit). In order to repair his relationship with his daughter Janine, MM (Laz Alonso) is keeping a low profile (Liyou Abere). On the Seven sides, Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) has had Homelander (Antony Starr) on the ropes.

However, after the death of Homelander Stormfront (Aya Cash), things go off the rails in a major way. When he goes public with his new relationship with Starlight. He adopts the attitude of a decisive, authoritative leader.

This motivates Butcher to speed up his search for the gun that supposedly murdered Soldier Boy and could kill Homelander (Jensen Ackles). To level the playing field, he also begins using V24, a product of Compound V that grants. Its users have superpowers for 24 hours, sold by Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott).

At the same time, Hughie learns that Neuman is a Supe Butcher and the lads discover that Mallory knows what happened to Soldier Boy and more.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

The episode Glorious Five Year Plan begins with MM taking his anxiety meds and viewing an old music video of Soldier Boy. Memories of his family’s brutal murder at the hands of Soldier Boy arise. Next, we see Butcher cleaning up his V24 vomit at The Boys’ headquarters.

After all, Butcher said about how much he hated Supes, and Hughie holds him responsible for trying to become one. When Hughie inquires as to the origin, Butcher refuses to deny his relationship with Maeve.

Butcher also admits that he murdered Gunpowder with the help of his superpowers (Sean Patrick Flanery). Hughie wonders if anyone else is aware of what’s going on. Butcher claims that they don’t, and threatens to put Hughie in a coma if the latter speak anything more on the subject.

Homelander rehashes his birthday rant and claims that tremendous forces are at work inside Vought on the Cameron Coleman (Matthew Edison) show. Stan Edgar unexpectedly visits Neuman to ask for her assistance in controlling Homelander.

As Neuman points out, it’s against company policy to confront Homelander. Edgar reassures Neuman that they are not engaging in such conduct. But rather are merely serving as a warning to Homelander that the latter will not be allowed to get away with anything.

Edgar knows that Neuman is worried about herself and Zoe (Olivia Morandin), and he assures her that he won’t let anything bad happen to them.

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To help The Boys enter Russia and locate the weapon that killed Soldier Boy. Butcher and Frenchie pay a visit to Little Nina (Katia Winter). To get things rolling quickly, Butcher lays out a large sum of money before Nina can ask for payments (more than Nina was likely going to ask for).

But Nina isn’t completely content. Butcher has repaid Jordana Lajoie’s Cherie’s (debt), but Nina still wants her head (maybe not literally).

Right away, Frenchie begins to express his disapproval of the arrangement. Butcher wants to know whether there’s a way to get around the Cherie issue. Butcher cuts Frenchie off as he tries to interject, and Frenchie leaves the conversation. Both Butcher and Nina are wearing extremely eerie grins.

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Starlight, now back in Vought Tower, recruits Supersonic to help her defeat Homelander. They attend the initial gathering of the Seven. Deep (Chace Crawford) is prompted by Cassandra (Katy Breier) to debunk A-argument Trains by babbling on about Supes’ need to stick together.

Kimiko visits the man’s hideout and discovers him surrounded by prostitutes who are high on cocaine and willing to do his bidding. Kimiko stabs the man in the head with the Black Noir dildo when he turns his back on her.

Homelander admits that he finally did what he should have done a long time ago. Ashley tells Coleman that she will be providing all of the show’s talking points.

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Neuman receives the dossier on her background when Homelander pays her a visit. Kimiko discovers that she was Edgar’s weapon the whole time she thought she was his daughter. Butcher grabs V24 in advance of their travel to the location of the Homelander-killing machine.

Hughie overhears this and wants some, too. Edgar says he doesn’t care because she “played all sides,” as he had instructed her to do.

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