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Is Jason Oppenheim Married?

Is Jason Oppenheim Married? Find out the truth about Jason Oppenheim’s marriage and relationship status, and learn more about the woman who stole his heart.
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Jason Oppenheim

American real estate broker, lawyer, influencer, and reality TV star Jason Oppenheim has a lot of power in the real estate business. As the president and founder of The Oppenheim Group, a famous real estate brokerage that specializes in luxury properties in Los Angeles and Orange County, Jason has established himself as a major player in the market.

Selling Sunset, a popular Netflix Original Series that started on March 22, 2019, shows Jason and his twin brother Brett, who is also a real estate agent, as well as their team of skilled real estate agents. The show follows the Oppenheim brothers and their team as they take care of wealthy and famous clients. This shows how the rich and famous live in Los Angeles.

Netflix said in May 2022 that Selling Sunset will get a spin-off called Selling the OC that will focus on The Oppenheim Group’s Orange County office. This new show will give fans an inside look at the OC’s high-end real estate market, which will help the Oppenheim brand grow even more.

Is Jason Oppenheim Married?

Jason’s family has a long history of being involved in the real estate business. After coming to Los Angeles in 1889, his great-great-grandfather, Jacob Stern, set himself up as a real estate business owner.

Is Jason Oppenheim Married?

Jason Oppenheim and Marie-Lou Nurk met for the first time on a vacation to the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos in July 2022. Since then, their relationship has been going well.

Marie-Lou’s appearance on ‘Selling Sunset‘ Season 6 has captured viewers and made them want to know more about how they are related. Recently, Jason shared some cute pictures of his girlfriend Marie-Lou on social media.

On Friday, May 19, the much-anticipated sixth season of Selling Sunset came out. Jason Oppenheim’s new girlfriend, Marie-Lou Nurk, was revealed, which was a very exciting moment.

As fans got into the action of the new season, they were surprised to see an Instagram post of the couple dressed in classy white and black. People started talking about it online, and many of them thought that Jason and Marie-Lou were married or engaged.

Even though the CEO of Oppenheim Group didn’t say anything directly about a wedding, a lot of talk about it led some people to think that Jason and Marie-Lou might have already gotten married.

Jason Oppenheim Girlfriend

Jason Oppenheim, who stars in the movie Selling Sunset, and his new girlfriend, Marie-Lou Nurk, made their official red carpet-appearance and confirmed that they are dating.

When they were first seen together in July 2022 on a trip to Mykonos, Greece, people began to talk about their dating. Nurk is a model who works for the MEGA Modeling Agency. Her social media page says that she lives in Paris.

Is Jason Oppenheim Married?

Sources said that she works for well-known European companies in business and brand planning. She was born in southern Germany, but she now lives in Paris.

Nurk often posts pictures of clothes from different brands on her social media accounts to promote them. But Jason Oppenheim has put an end to any reports that he and Marie-Lou were going to get married. In July 2021, Jason Oppenheim revealed that he was dating Chrishell Stause, who he worked with on the TV show Selling Sunset. But by December 2021, they were no longer together.

Jason Oppenheim Statement

The new member of Selling Sunset, Marie-Lou Nurk, made a stir on Friday when she posted photos of herself and Jason Oppenheim on Instagram. In the first shot, you can see the couple running together while laughing.

Marie-Lou looked beautiful in a short white dress with feathers, and Jason looked sharp in a black suit and white shirt. At first, the captions on the pictures made people think that the two might be getting married.

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The original caption for this picture of Marie-Lou said, “Here’s to a lifetime of adventures.” But as people congratulated her and asked if she was getting married, she quickly changed the text to just say, “You always make me smile.”

Jason himself joined the talk. He said that the pictures had made people think they were married, but they weren’t. In the comments area, people had a wide range of reactions to this. Some people replied with sarcasm, and others pointed out how quickly the description changed.


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