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Is Eddie Coming Back in Season 5 of Stranger Things?

Is Eddie Coming Back in Season 5 of Stranger Things? After nearly three years of anticipation, the fourth season of Stranger Things premiered on Netflix with a bang, shattering viewership records, receiving critical acclaim, and propelling “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush to the top of the charts.

In addition, the new season introduced viewers to new characters, including Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson, whom we fell in love with instantly. The 29-year-old British actor rose to fame overnight, becoming a worldwide internet sensation and in-demand performer. Eddie was a lovable, humorous, incredibly complex, and all-around remarkable individual, which made his passing all the more tragic.

Eddie ultimately sacrificed his life to save the rest of Hawkins from the Upside Down, as foretold by fans (although we did not want it to occur).

He went out like a champion, performing “Master of Puppets” by Metallica on guitar to distract the demons and giving us a scene that will be rewatched for decades. But despite how tragic Eddie’s untimely death was, season 5 of Stranger Things should not bring him back. I am aware that you desire his return, but he should not.

Eddie’s Death Scene in Stranger Things Season 4

Eddie’s death scene in Stranger Things season 4 is one of the greatest scenes in the entire series, despite its tragic nature. Honestly, it’s one of Netflix’s greatest sequences ever! Eddie’s concert in the Upside Down instantaneously went viral, garnering millions of YouTube views and countless tweets. The incident also catapulted “Master of Puppets” to the top of the iTunes rock charts and lead to Metallica jamming with Joseph Quinn at Lollapalooza.

Is Eddie Coming Back in Season 5 of Stranger Things

Eddie could have fled with Dustin as the demons attacked him, but he no longer wished to be that person. His death was conducted with the utmost respect, and following his epic performance, it was an incredible spectacle. Bringing him back in season 5 of Stranger Things would diminish the impact of his murder scene.

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Is Eddie Coming Back in Season 5 of Stranger Things?

And finally, one of the most important reasons why Eddie should not return in season 5 of Stranger Things is that it would simply be to appease viewers! I’m sorry, I am aware. I adore Eddie and would like to see him return, but the show shouldn’t give in just because the audience desires it.

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In recent years, we have witnessed numerous examples of fan service, from Marvel to Star Wars to Game of Thrones. A television program or film shouldn’t add something just because viewers want it if it doesn’t contribute to the plot. I’m not saying there’s no chance the writers could come up with a compelling and worthwhile method to bring Eddie back, but I have little faith that it would be the case if they did.

A vision or dream of Eddie in the fifth season could come off as cheesy, and the plot device has been overused by series like Dexter and more recently You. As the prevalent fan theory suggests, bringing him back as a vampire might be a stretch and would detract from the primary plot. I have difficulty understanding how his return would make sense.


Eddie’s death scene in Season 4 of Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s greatest sequences, but his return should not be expected. Eddie should not return in season 5 of Stranger Things to appease viewers, as it would diminish the impact of his murder scene and detract from the primary plot.


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