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Is Eddie Coming Back in Season 5: Does He Survive in Stranger Things?

Fans, your wait is finally ended. Our new favourite Eddie Munson’s fate has been revealed in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2. Ever since Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 was released on Netflix in May, fans have been worried as to who would die in Volume 2. First of all, Steve’s heroic actions prompted viewers to question if season 4 would be his last, then Max’s tight escape from Vecna led people to worry if she was safe, and, on top of that, there were suspicions that Will would get captured by Vecna.

Is Eddie Coming Back in Season 5

Some fans predicted that Eddie Munson wouldn’t make it through Volume 2‘s final two episodes. Now you know all about Eddie Volume 2 and whether or not Joseph Quinn will appear in Season 5.

Does Eddie die in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2?

We hate to inform you that our misunderstood king Eddie is no longer with us. In Volume 2, Eddie and Dustin work together as a decoy in the Upside Down to distract the demon bats while Steve, Nancy and Robin sneak into the Creel House. Eddie plays Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets,’ live on the guitar, to entice the demon bats to his trailer.

The demo bats immediately swarm toward the trailer park. Eddie and Dustin then dash into Eddie’s trailer attempting to avoid them. However, the demo bats work their way into the trailer. Consequently, Eddie helps Dustin escape through the gate to Hawkins, but instead of following Dustin, Eddie decides to stay and continue battling off the demo bats. Eddie

After that, Eddie cuts off Dustin’s access to Hawkins with a piece of the bedsheet. He grabs his bike and bikes away from the gate taunting the demo bats to allow everyone else more time to stop Vecna. A bat, on the other hand, knocks him off his bike, and while he fights them off, they hold him to the ground and begin eating into his flesh.

Will Joseph Quinn be in Stranger Things 5?

Meanwhile, Dustin finds a way back through the barrier to aid Eddie. There will be no more bats when he gets there. He finds Eddie bleeding to death. Cradling Eddie in his arms, Dustin tries to take Eddie to a hospital but Eddie stops him. Before passing away, he asks, “I didn’t run away this time, right?” and leaves Dustin sobbing hysterically.

Is Eddie Coming Back in Season 5

To make matters even worse, when the rest of our faves manage to put a temporary halt to Vecna’s pranks, Eddie and the Hellfire Club are still blamed for causing all the killings in Hawkins. When Eddie dies, he does so as a hero, but his legacy is one of evil.

Everyone, of course, is in a state of shock. “Hawkins can rot, they didn’t deserve Eddie’s sacrifice,” one Twitter user wrote.

Will Eddie Munson Make It to the End of Season Four of Stranger Things?

There is no doubt that Eddie will make it through Stranger Things season 4 unscathed. Aside from a few terrible deaths, no significant figures from previous seasons have been killed off by the Duffer brothers. The closest we came to losing a big character was Hopper after season 3, but even he made it out alive.

In Stranger Things, Does Eddie Have a Chance of Surviving?

After Dustin makes it to safety, Eddie decides to stay and provide the Demobats with a longer distraction from Nancy, Steve and Robin’s voyage to Vecna, after previously beating himself up for bolting when Chrissy died.

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Dustin tries to urge him to stop, but he refuses, sacrificing himself.

Stranger Things Season 5 Storyline

The Duffer Brothers, on the other hand, have implied that they know everything about Stranger Things season 5. Matt Duffer told SFX magazine earlier this month that he and his team already know how the story will conclude. “It’s possible, but I doubt it because this is a conclusion that feels right and always has felt right. It also has a certain aura of inevitableness about it. As soon as you come up with a solution, you know that this is the only option.”

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To promote season 4, Jim Hopper actor David Harbour said: “We’re bringing new stuff, but we’re also narrowing and wrapping up in a definite manner. For some reason, which I’m not allowed to disclose, I need to have a clear, defined, and certain end in mind.

As Season 4 came to a close, all three teams — Nevada, Hawkins, and Russia – worked together to take down Vecna. While Max is luring his subconscious to the Upside Down, Robin, Steve, and Nancy set fire to his naked physical form in the Creel House. When Mike and Will submerge Eleven in a makeshift sensory deprivation tank, she joins Max in the fight against the huge adversary (SDT). When it comes to defeating Vecna, the odds are stacked against him, as Will points out near the end of episode 9.

“I can sense him now that I’ve returned to Hawkins. He’s still alive despite his injuries. It’s astonishing to know who it was all along. But I can still recollect his thoughts and the way he thinks about them.

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Everything… everyone… is going to be his target. He won’t stop until he gets it all. “It’s time to get rid of him,” he says to Mike, sternly. As Ross Duffer teased in a statement to The Wrap, whatever happens in Episode 5 is going to be emotional. “I observed CEOs in tears that I had never seen before.” Fans have been guessing about the fifth and final chapter in recent weeks. Time travel may play a key role in this scenario since Upside Down was revealed to be stranded in 1983.


So, we have some good news and some terrible news — we know that Stranger Things season five is on its way, but we just don’t know *when* that will be.
At the time of season four-volume two’s release, the team had yet to begin filming the final episodes, and there was one mighty gap between seasons three and four. Granted, there was the whole pandemic scenario they had to handle, but it still took them the best part of three years to get it on our screens, with season three releasing in July 2019, and season four not starting until June 2022.

Is Eddie Coming Back in Season 5

However, with the youngsters getting older by the day (and still needing to be viewed as 14-year-olds despite nearing their twenties), you can guarantee the show will want to jump into action sooner rather than later. With this in mind, as well as the massive amount of post-production necessary, we would hedge our bets that we’ll be seeing Stranger Things return at some point in 2024.

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