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Is Jennifer Jones Pregnant?

Want to know if Jennifer Jones is going to have a baby? Yes, we’re talking about the famous curler who recently made headlines for having fun while watching the game through the eyes of his young Manitoba teammates.

When it comes to Jennifer’s pregnancy news, it’s also important to talk about her boyfriend. Qui est-il? Before we talk about that, let’s learn a little bit about how well-known curler Jennifer Jones is.

Who is Jennifer Jones?

Jennifer Judith Jones is best known for winning the 2014 Winter Olympics, which took place in Sochi. Jennifer is now 48 years old. She was born on July 7, 1974. This curler is from the Canadian city of Winnipeg.

When we talk about Jennifer Jones’s curling accomplishments, we can say that she has won the World Championships twice, in 2008 and 2018. At the Canadian Olympic Curling Trials in 2021, she won a gold medal. Jennifer went to the Winter Olympics for Canada last year.

Well, Jennifer Jones has been a great curler since the beginning of her career. Overall, she had a 16-for-16 record when it came to winning Grand Slams. Jennifer is also a lawyer and a motivational speaker, so she has more than one job.


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Coming back to the news that Jennifer Jones is having a baby, she already has two children. They are both girls. But what should we do now? Does the curler have plans? How true are the rumours that Jennifer is pregnant? Well, if you’re a fan who wants to know if the news that Jennifer Jones is pregnant is true, here’s what we know.

Jennifer Jones Pregnant: How True Is That?

No. As of February 2023, Jennifer Jones is not pregnant. At the moment, the professional curler is not expecting a child. In other words, we could say that the rumours that Jennifer Jones is pregnant are all made up. It’s not a good reason to think someone is pregnant just because they are getting healthier.

Even though it’s clear, not everyone looks for it. Does that mean Jennifer’s health has improved? Actually, no. Then? Just saying! Even though Jennifer Jones is in great shape and works out a lot, some people were sure she was pregnant. We don’t understand why.


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Jennifer Jones has also been quiet about being pregnant as of late. She’s pretty active on social media, so if she’s expecting, she’s likely to post something new.

Well, being a mother has always been an exciting time for every woman. But Jennifer hasn’t posted anything like that, so it’s clear that the rumours aren’t true. We don’t know what began this.

The curler is hooked up to Brent Laing when talking about Jennifer Jones’s love interest. If you’re curious, her husband, Brent, is also involved in the same sport.

Well, he used to curl and is originally from Ontario. As was already said, Jennifer and Brent are lucky enough to have two daughters, Isabella (2012) and Skyla Carol (2016). Jennifer gets along very well with them.

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Well, neither Jennifer nor Brent have said anything about having more children. So, they haven’t talked about any plans for their third child yet. So, her pregnancy rumors make no sense.

Well, Jennifer is a great mom, and she often posts pictures of her kids having fun. We don’t know what Jennifer and Brent are up to behind our backs, though. But everyone will be happy if the rumors turn out to be true.


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Jennifer Jones should have the best days of her life from now on. You can follow this curler, Jennifer, on Instagram to get more updates like this.

Isabella and Skyla are getting lots of love from me. I hope that they are both healthy. We can’t wait for Jennifer to win the next tournament she enters. Jennifer’s career as a curler and her life as a mom are both going well.

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