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Is Baby Smoove Arrested? What Did He Do?

Is Baby Smoove behind Arrested?

People heard about the rapper’s arrest through Instagram and YouTube videos. Smoove is a rapper and singer from the United States. She recorded her first song when she was 15 and has always been sure that she wanted to be a musician.

People have liked him and his music for a long time. His song “CardoGotWings” and some of his other songs are well-known. The rapper’s fans and followers have always loved and admired him a lot.

People have been interested in reading about the most talked-about topic and his arrest and charges.

Is Baby Smoove Arrested? What Did He Do?

A small YouTuber posts many videos about the arrest of Smoove. But sources haven’t said anything clear about it yet.

The YouTube videos show that he was arrested while he was on Instagram live. His Instagram live video was recorded and then put on YouTube.

Smoove and some of his friends have been seen at a nearby gas station. On the scene, a police van has also been seen. When Smoove talked to the police, Instagram live was still going.

The video doesn’t show why he and his friend were arrested, but many sources have said that it might have been because he was allegedly in possession of a file pt2.

More than a thousand people were watching and talking about life. During the Instagram live, Smoove showed off his jewelry and talked about it.

In the comments, many people were seen to agree with him, watch the video, and share it on different platforms. Most of the video’s popularity has come from Instagram and YouTube.

On the Live video, it can be seen that he has been talking to the police, but he has not been arrested. He probably stopped the video before the police came.

People have a lot of questions about it because they don’t know enough about it yet. We hope that the case of the rapper being arrested will become clear soon.

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Baby Smoove Net Worth Before His Arrest

People have always been interested in how much money famous people have made over the course of their careers. So, people have been curious about how much hip-hop artist Smoove is worth.

Many different sources have given different numbers for the rapper’s net worth, but the Source says that his net worth before his arrest is $1 million.

“Bandcrew Smoove and Rell x SuperSonic” was Smoove’s first song. It came out in September 2012. Even before his first song came out, he got a lot of attention.

Before making an album and putting it out for sale, he put it on his YouTube channel. When Smoove was a teenager, he began to pose on YouTube.


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He has never let down his fans. Instead, he has always given them a few hit songs and albums. Smoove has made a lot of money from his career. He is known all over the world, and people from other countries love his work.

Smoove was born into a middle-class family, so he has always been focused on his work. He has always known, worked hard, and struggled.

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