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Abitex Arrested: What Did Music Promoter Mr. Abbey Musinguzi Do?

After the news that ten people had died at the event got out, there was a lot of talk about it. There were some children among the ten people who were found to be dead. Everyone was watching the fireworks at midnight when the accident happened.

The investigation is still going on. The names of the people who died have been found and their families have been told.

Abitex Arrested: What Did Music Promoter Mr. Abbey Musinguzi Do?

Abbey Musinguzi, who goes by the name Abitex, is a well-known promoter.

Ugandan police have caught the well-known person in charge of a New Year’s Eve concert that killed ten people, most of whom were children.

There was an accident when 500 people went outside to watch fireworks on New Year’s Eve. The event was held at a venue on the highway between Kampala and Entebbe.

The place was most popular with kids because it had a playground and a pool.

Fred Enanga, a police spokesman at Police Headquarters in Naguru on Monday, said that they are also looking for other event organizers from the same night.

He said that the organizers told the mall’s exits to be locked, so people had to squeeze through only one entrance. They have been trying to find and get in touch with all 500 people who were there when the accident happened.

abitex arrested

This case could take a while because it is new and involves 500 people, each of whom will take more time than usual. Abitex, who planned the party, is still being watched by the police. He hasn’t been set free yet, and he probably won’t be for a long time after the case is over.

With more information, it’s likely that the person who killed all those people will be caught and charged soon.

More about Uganda Case on New Year Freedom City Mall

After the case was over, the mother of two kids talked about it. Her two kids were found dead right there.

At 23:00, she acted like she was alone and started to leave. But the security guards at the parking lot’s only entrance shut it and told them to go back inside, so they were stuck in a small passageway.

When she went outside, she saw a lot of people passin8g out and children crying. She was scared when her older child held her younger child and moved away from her.

Then she said she went looking for her children, but they had been sent to different hospitals. She went to the hospitals to get her children’s bodies.

Some of them died on the spot from suffocation, and others were taken to the hospital but were found dead there.

The names of the dead people have not been made known to the public yet.

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