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How To Solve The Boiler Puzzle: Alone In The Dark

Some secrets in Alone in the Dark are hidden in the Boiler Room. This multi-step game will help you find them.

In Alone in the Dark, you will find many puzzles as you look around Derceto Manor. Some, like the puzzle box, can be solved right away, while others take a while to finish. To solve the harder puzzles, you’ll need to find things hidden around the manor and solve smaller puzzles.

These puzzles are what move the game along and help you figure out more about Jeremy and the Dark Man. The boiler is one of these puzzles, and you won’t be able to figure it out until the second chapter. You can find it at the start of the game.

How To Get The Steam Out

The plate on the stove looks like the plate on the clock. To put this puzzle together, you need to find the two pieces that are missing. There is, of course, one more thing you need to do before you can find them.

There will be a lot of steam coming out of the boiler when you first see it. It’s not possible to go over or under it, so you need to stop the boiler from letting out steam.

How To Solve The Boiler Puzzle

To get into the Drawing Room first, you have to use the palette knife to open the door that is stuck. The Cellar Key is in this room. You can get into the Food & Wine Cellar with this key. As soon as you walk into this room, you’ll see an electric cable lying in some water.

Get the switch from the bottle racks to the right. Follow the wire to a circuit breaker in the corner of this room. Put the switch in place to turn off the power to the wire through the circuit breaker.

The power goes out in the whole basement as well. Continue to the other side of the room and take the Valve Handle. Connect the Valve Handle to the stove when you get back. The steam will go away after this.

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How To Find The Broken Plates

You can go to the other side of the Boiler Room when the steam is gone. There on the ground will be the first Broken Plate. Next, you need to get the key that is on top of the Grand Parlor’s broken piano.

This key can be used to open the locked medicine box in Lottie’s room, which has Dr. Jenkin’s Lozenges inside. Go to Cassandra’s Room once you have this thing. Two more bottles of medicine will be there.

There is a bottle rack in the same room where the meds can be kept. Put them in the order shown in the picture. Three numbers can be seen: two, five, and seven.

How To Solve The Boiler Puzzle

There will also be a lock in this room that looks like the one in Perosi’s Room. Using the cypher from that puzzle, you will need to enter the following combination to open the lock: Pisces, Gemini, Leo. By entering this combination, you will receive the second Broken Plate.

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How To Solve The Boiler Puzzle

Bring the two pieces down to the stove and put them in. After that, you’ll need to move the pieces so that they look like the picture above.

After you do that, the boiler will turn off and the readings will show nine, seven, and five. Put your charm on the plate and type in these numbers. The next goal is in a cemetery, which you can reach by following this path.

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