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5 Great Multitasking Games Which Are Like Overcooked

Fans of Overcooked will love these fun and interesting games:

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Baby Storm:

As stressful as it is to cook several meals, taking care of several babies and children might be the only thing that’s more stressful.

baby storm game

Players take on the part of a kindergarten teacher who has a lot on her plate and has to scurry around her classroom trying to keep things in order but failing miserably. Getting the rowdy kids under control and keeping them that way is the main goal.

Some of these are giving toys, changing diapers, eating, cleaning, and mediating fights. This may sound more stressful than fun, but the studio appropriately named Baby Corp makes this cute sim fun, and funny. This is especially true when you first start to open more complicated settings and deal with babies that have been given powers.

Baby Storm can be played by one person, but it’s better to play with a few more adults.

Plate Up:

Plate Up was made by dev On the surface, It’s Happening seems to have a lot of the same tastes as Overcooked. In some ways, it does. The game has rough roguelike development as well as sim and management parts to mix things up.

plate up game

To improve and decorate restaurants and use skills while providing food, people need to work together, move quickly, and talk to each other. The procedurally produced environments make sure that players never get too used to the chaos of trying to satisfy customers.

There is a lot to do, like cooking, designing, and putting appliances in the right places, so players will want to get together with several people and divide up the work wisely. Some people might not like how hard it is, but this is a great choice for Overcooked master cooks who want to make things more difficult.


Players will have to work together to fight off bad guys, even natural ones. This adventure game has a lot more to it than just going for walks in the woods and cutting down trees. It has a lot of hurdles and complicated maps.

Lumberhill game

They will be in charge of determined lumberjacks who are determined to cut as much wood as possible, even though animals are attacking them, the paths are narrow, and there are dangers like lightning and even falling meteors. To get to hard-to-reach lumber mills, players will have to hop across rivers, deal with bad weather, and avoid angry dinosaurs. Not only that, but all of this has to be done quickly.

This game can be played by one person more than games like Overcooked, but because it’s so hard, it’s not advised.


Catastronauts is out now on PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Catastronauts game

“Overcooked in space” is a term that has been used a lot by the few people who have found this secret gem. This fun game from 2018 from Inertia Game Studios has a special charm that comes from the stars. Players will not be cooking, but instead will be in charge of a spaceship and must keep it running smoothly and defend it from threats.

In a way similar to Team17’s game, this means firing weapons, avoiding solar flares, and putting out fires. Catastronauts is like Overcooked 2, but it’s more wild, with changing environments and exciting things happening all around the players.

Moving Out:

Following the same style as Tools Up!, this Team17-published game turns a boring task into a fun and exciting one. As a “moving simulator,” Moving Out takes the job of moving furniture and turns it into an arcade game with cartoony graphics and tight, fast-paced gameplay.

Moving Out game

Each player will share an isometric screen and work together to move furniture and other things around until they are all in a moving truck. While speed and maneuverability are more important than planning, the game’s style, mechanics, and fast-paced co-op play make me think of Overcooked.

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