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How to Remove Weapon Mods in Starfield? Some Things to Keep in Mind

How to Remove Weapon Mods in Starfield: As you go through space and face different problems, you might find that a mod you added isn’t doing much to help. Or maybe you accidentally added a card that doesn’t really fit the way you like to play.

Don’t worry. In Starfield, it’s easy to change the mods on your weapons. If you want to get rid of a mod or switch it out for another one, you can do so easily. It’s the same as when you added the mod for the first time. This means you can always make sure your weapon is set up the way you like it, ready for any space journey that comes your way.

I Wrote About Removing Starfield Weapon Mods

How to Remove Weapon Modifications in Starfield

Starfield is a science-fiction role-playing game (RPG) that lets you explore the world and change your weapons with mods. Weapon mods can improve the way your weapon works, like by making it more accurate, raising its rate of fire, or giving it special effects.

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But you may want to take a weapon mod off your weapon sometimes, either to replace it with a better one or to make more room in your collection.

How to remove weapon mods in Starfield

In this piece, we’ll show you how to get rid of Starfield weapon mods. Find a Weapon Workbench if you want to take off a weapon mod. These are all over the game world, in places like your ship, the basement of the Constellation’s Lodge, and some towns and outposts. If you have the right tools and skills, you can also make your own Weapon Workbench.

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When you find a Weapon Workbench, use it and choose the weapon you want to change. You’ll see a list of all the mod spots for that gun, like barrel, muzzle, magazine, laser, and so on. Each spot will show you what mod, if any, is currently on that weapon.

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To get rid of a mod, just click on the slot and choose the “No Mod” choice. This will put the weapon back to how it was before it was changed.

Depending on what kind of mod it is and how good it is, removing it will cost you some resources. Most of the time, these are common organic materials like iron and nickel.

However, some changes may need rarer or man-made materials. At the bottom of the screen, you can see what you need to remove a mod.

How to remove weapon mods in Starfield

When you remove a mod, it will also be destroyed. This means you can’t use it again or sell it. So, you should only get rid of mods that you no longer need or want.

You don’t have to remove a mod if you want to keep it for later use. Instead, you can swap it with another mod. So, you won’t lose the mod and will only have to pay the cost of making a new one.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Some mods don’t work with all weapons, so you might not be able to switch them out straight. For example, you can’t put a mod for a shotgun on a rifle or the other way around. In this case, you’ll need to get rid of the mod first, then make a new one and load it.

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In Starfield, removing weapon mods is an easy and useful way to change how your guns work. You can try out different mods to see which ones work best for your play style and tastes. But be careful not to waste your resources or break important mods by getting rid of them when you don’t need to. This guide should have helped you figure out how to get rid of weapon mods in Starfield.


In the end, removing weapon mods in Starfield is a simple process that lets players personalize and fine-tune their gameplay. If you want to switch out your mods for new ones, fix problems, or just go back to the base game, following the steps in this guide should help you remove weapon mods quickly and safely. Remember to back up your game files and follow the steps for each mod to make sure the change goes smoothly.

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