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How the Fifth Element Became a Cult Classic.

It is common knowledge that around the holiday season, Pokemon goes all out. The franchise releases seasonal variations of a variety of treats throughout the year, and Halloween is the one time of year when they go all out with their seasonal offerings. Domino’s Pizza is helping Pikachu celebrate Halloween with some spooky pizzas. Pokemon is well-known for going all out with its October celebrations, and now Domino’s Pizza is lending a hand.

As you can see in the image below, the formal collaboration is already underway in South Korea, and it will continue through Halloween even though it has already started. Domino’s Pizza is currently shipping out large dinners in festively decorated boxes, and customers are raving about both the packaging and the pizzas themselves. After all, the dish transforms a pizza into a Poke Ball and includes all the most desirable elements in one convenient package.

What’s On the Pokemon Pizza?

The pizzas are enormous, as can be seen in the image above, and the ingredients are layered on top of them in a precise manner. The red upper half of the pizza is made to look like a Poke Ball thanks to the recipe, which calls for pepperoni and tomato sauce to be combined. The bulgogi that forms the partition in the centre of the pizza has been marinated, and Domino’s Pizza brought the white half to life by adding melty cheeses to it.

How the Fifth Element Became a Cult Classic.

This Halloween offer also includes Pokemon cards, but you shouldn’t get your hopes up about utilising them in actual battles just yet. These trading cards are not designed for use in combat but instead display artwork with a frightening theme instead. To this point, packets have contained such monsters as Eevee, Bulbasaur, and Mimikyu, amongst others. It appears that the sole location of the pizza company that is participating in this collaboration is the Domino’s in South Korea. However, if you are in the region, you can place an order for one of these delectable offers for less than $25 U.S. dollars.

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