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Jeff Probst Makes a Cameo in a ‘survivor’-themed Wedding Skit on ‘SNL’

Saturday Night Live, with host and musical guest Jack Harlow, got into the Halloween spirit right off the bat, with the first skit featuring a Southern wedding held on Halloween night, in which Harlow and Chloe Fineman played the groom, Patch, and the bride, Dooney, respectively. Harlow also performed as a musical guest during the episode.

Dooney is the one who speaks up when the man who is conducting the ceremony asks whether anyone is opposed to Patch and Dooney getting married. She cites the fact that Patch’s best man Clint will be attending the wedding dressed as the Joker as the reason for her objection.

Clint is adamant about keeping the costume on, so the officiant calls for a vote on the topic. One by one, the guests discuss whether or not they think it is appropriate for Clint to be dressed as the Joker during the ceremony.

After the competition has come to a close, the host of Survivor, Jeff Probst, enters the room, takes a piece of paper containing the results out of an urn, and then puts out the torch belonging to the person who came in last place.

Please be aware that the video of the sketch has been taken down from NBC’s various social sites. As soon as it becomes accessible once more, we will republish it on our site. In the meantime, here is a clue about the outcome of the vote.

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