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How Old Was Zac Efron in High School Musical? One Billion Dollar Brand High School Musical!

According to IMDb, one of Hollywood’s most popular actors, Zac Efron, began his career in the early 2000s with guest roles on “ER” and “CSI: Miami” before landing the recurring role of Cameron on “Summerland.”

Although he had already achieved some success as an actor at this point, Efron had not yet landed his breakthrough role. In 2006, the year after “Summerland” ended, he earned the role of Troy Bolton in the Disney Channel film “High School Musical,” which rocketed him to popularity and forever altered the trajectory of his career.

What Was Zac Efron’s Age When High School Musical Debuted?

Zac was just 18 years old when he took on the role of Troy Bolton in High School Musical. In addition to Efron, other young performers including Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, and Monique Coleman portrayed students at East High School in the film.

How Old Was Zac Efron in High School Musical

According to Insider, the protagonists in the film were 18 years old, but several cast members, like Coleman, who played Taylor McKessie, were as old as 25. Troy Bolton was intended to be around 16 or 17 years old in the first “High School Musical” picture, but Efron was a different age than his role.

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Did Zac Efron Have a Vocal Double in High School Musical?

While the role of Troy Bolton in High School Musical gave Zac Efron his big break in Hollywood, he did not sing any of the legendary Troy songs in the original film. The voice of Troy was provided by actor Drew Seeley.

How Much Did Zac Efron Earn From High School Musical 1?

According to multiple accounts, Zac was paid roughly $100,000 for his first picture. However, the young actor’s fortunes began to improve once HSM became the most commercially successful Disney Channel Original Movie (!!). By the time High School Musical 3: Senior Year was out, Zac reportedly made between $3 and $5 million.

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Zac Efron Claims He Was a “Child” When He Portrayed Troy Bolton

Zac Efron was just slightly older than the character he portrayed in the Disney film “High School Musical,” in which he portrayed high school basketball star and musical talent Troy Bolton. According to Insider, Efron was 18 years old when he portrayed this role in the first instalment of the “HSM” franchise, despite Troy Bolton’s purported age of 16 or 17. In a 2019 interview with BBC Radio 1, Efron made fun of his HSM dance skills and revealed that when he was cast in the film as a young actor, he had film school in mind.

How Old Was Zac Efron in High School Musical

“Throughout the ‘High School Musical films, I did not know how to dance. I was merely a child from the street “Efron said. “I was a struggling actor living in a studio apartment with the intention of attending film school when I booked that role.” Instead of attending school, Efron and his co-stars would soon achieve global acclaim by portraying students in this Disney franchise.

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High School Musical Has Become a Brand Worth One Billion Dollars

According to Vox, when “High School Musical” debuted on the Disney Channel in 2006, it was the channel’s most successful film to date, with around 8 million viewers. Within five years of the first film’s release, Variety reported that the “HSM” franchise had grossed $4 billion overseas.

According to Insider, Zac Efron was only 18 years old when he played in the first “High School Musical” picture, and he was ready to pursue a career outside of Disney by the time the trilogy’s final film was published in 2009. Since then, Efron has been in well-known films such as “17 Again,” “Baywatch,” and “The Greatest Showman,” establishing his image as a very talented and bankable actor. On February 9, HuffPost reported that he will appear in the Stephen King adaptation “Firestarter.”

Since leaving the role of Troy Bolton, Efron’s career has flourished, and his ascent from a young teen actor to one of Hollywood’s leading men is both fascinating and inspiring.

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