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BTS Fans Go Crazy Over a Photo of Jin’s Tattoo, and Jin Reacts

BTS announced a few months ago that each member of the group had a friendship-themed tattoo on their body. The number seven, which holds a significant meaning for each of the participants as well as for ARMIE, was tattooed on their bodies.

It appears that Jin has now able to plainly exhibit his friendship tattoo on Instagram, where we can see his naked back for the first time. This comes after RM, J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook all managed to do so previously.

In June, Jin disclosed the location of his tattoo by snapping a shirtless shot on the beach with the message “I also exhibit friendship tattoo.” This photo caught the attention of J-Hope, Suga, and RM, amongst others.

Recently, a tattoo artist who has worked on members of BTS posted another shot of the singer without a shirt on their Instagram account.

Since the celebrity was driving admirers all over the world crazy, he decided to respond to a post on Weverse that read: “I’m dead” along with various photographs of the idol. The post was made by ARMY.

Other photographs were taken from two episodes of his YouTube show titled “Drunk Truth,” in which he prepared traditional Korean rice wine called McCauley alongside his good buddy, the well-known chef Baek Jong Won, and the expert mixologist Pak Rok Dam.

The movie provided an in-depth look at the labor-intensive process of producing traditional Korean rice wine, which has been a part of the lives of Korean households for many generations. Jin participated in every aspect of the operation and was very attentive throughout.

Following the steps of steaming, soaking, and combining the boiling rice with yeast, Jin and Pak Rok Dam placed the rice very carefully in a clay pot, covered it with a towel, and then placed the lid on the pot so that the rice could ferment.

After that, the rice was delivered to Jin’s residence and placed in his bathtub. During the fermentation process, he was to keep a close eye on the temperature of the rice as stated in his instructions.

Jin monitored the temperature throughout the course of several days while maintaining the rice’s immersion in the water bath.
Unexpectedly showing off his toned legs, the BTS member was dressed in identical pyjamas with shorts. These moments, together with a picture of his tattoo, were captured on screen and published together.

The response from Jin was, “Look at my face, not this…”

Jin swiftly reminded followers that their attention should be drawn to her appealing features and suggested that they do so. In addition, users of Korean online forums offered their feedback by writing:

I think I’m just going to die
I didn’t think I’d be able to see Gene’s tattoo up close. Thanks to the tattoo artist.
I don’t know if it’s worth watching this lol
No wonder he said he almost forgot he had a tattoo, lol.
Now I want to know where Shoogar got his lol from.
He has very beautiful skin
I do not know why I feel a little guilty looking at this photoㅋㅋ
I love working with lines.
Even her tattoo is cute.

Are we even allowed to see this…? I’m a fan of another band, but thank you
Put something on, it’s cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cover yourself!!!!!!
No, but wait… Cover up!!
AHHHHHH hide it, cover up!!!
Is it OK to look at my oppa’s back like that?
Cover up!
Get dressed! Get a long down jacket!!!!!!

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