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How Did Penny Marshall Die? Celebs Pay Their Tribute to Penny Marshall!

How did Penny Marshall pass away? Penny Marshall, who is now a well-known actress, made her first appearance on screen in 1968. She had small parts in Richard Rush’s “The Savage Seven” and Jerry Paris’s “How Sweet It Is!” Marshall went on to star in “The Grasshopper” in 1970.

Later, the actress got roles on TV shows like “That Girl,” “Love, American Style,” and “The Bob Newhart Show.”

She got a recurring role on The Odd Couple after that. Penny Marshall was soon on the CBS sitcom “Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers.” Her big break came when she played Laverne DeFazio on the sitcom “Laverne and Shirley.”

She got up to three Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series for the role. Penny once said that the differences between her and her co-star Cindy made scenes in the popular show funny. Let’s find out what happened to Penny Marshall.

How Did Penny Marshall Die?

Penny Marshall died of heart failure, which was caused by atherosclerosis and diabetes, according to reports. Michelle Began, who spoke for the family at the time, added to the sad news that the health problems were caused by diabetes.

The well-known actress and director had been sick for a long time. In 2009, she was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer. But Marshall put up a brave fight and seemed to get better.

Celebs Pay Their Tribute to Penny Marshall!

Several big stars took to social media to remember the actress in their own way and pay her a heartfelt tribute. Rob Reiner said that Marshall was born with great talent and a sense of humour, and he knew how to use them both. Rob went on to say that he was lucky to have lived with her and that he will miss her and her sense of humour.

Ron Howard also remembered the actress and talked about how she went from being a sitcom star to a movie director with ease and made a big difference. Howard also thought of Penny as someone who was always easygoing, funny, and not trying too hard. Howard came to the conclusion that he was lucky to have worked with her and known her.

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Dan Rather remembered the late actress as funny, sad, and with an original American voice. He also called her a pioneer in television who understood that there are many kinds of humour.

Were Co-Stars Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall Good Friends?

Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall were both unemployed actors when Francis Coppola’s Zoetrope company hired them to write a possible TV spoof for the Bicentennial. They met through mutual friends.

Even though there were rumours that they fought a lot behind the scenes, Cindy said that they were always able to make each other laugh, so they stayed friends.

Even though they had a rough time with each other, their friendship stayed strong.

Many crew members later said that both actresses were so competitive that their agents had to stand in the wings with stopwatches to time how long each one was on camera.

A tabloid said that both of them were worried that the other would be seen as a bigger star. In an early interview, Cindy Williams later talked about how hard it was for them to work together on set. She said that the characters’ attitudes were real, and when Penny got mad at her, it was very real.

She also said that if there was a comedy event at the Olympics, she thinks they would have won the gold. Cindy remembered that her co-star had said that she had some of the best laughs of her life with Penny, and they knew that if they made each other laugh, the audience would laugh, too.

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