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Veronica Nelson Death Case: What Happened To Him?

Aboriginal woman Veronica Nelson died in a prison in Victoria, Australia. In the 36 hours before she died, she asked for help 49 times. People who knew Veronica Nelson liked her and looked up to her.

Yet, she died alone in her cell at the Dame Phyllis Frost Center in January 2020, after pleading for help for several of her last hours, the coroner said.

The next day, she was found on the floor of a cell in a jail built on the land of the Wurundjeri and Bunurong people. Her family is begging the state government to act quickly and make changes because Indigenous people die in detention centers “all too often.”

Veronica Nelson Death Case: 37 Years Old Died!

The legal world has been talking about Veronica’s death, which happened in January 2020, for the past few years. The Victorian Coroner’s Court has the final say on the case.

Most people agree that Victoria’s bail laws need to be changed, especially after hearings and decisions that were very sad. Veronica lived in public housing in Collingwood, and she got in trouble with the law for stealing things like vitamins from pharmacies.

She asked for help over the intercom many times during the two nights she spent in her cell before she died, saying things like, “I feel sick. I have to throw up.

Nelson got a number of messages, including ones telling her to stop asking when she would see a doctor and that no one could help her with her cramps and throwing up.

Veronica made nine more calls for help over the prison’s intercom system in the hours before she died. Two of these calls, in which she cried out in pain, were described by investigators as “haunting” based on video and audio evidence shown at the inquest.

Staff in the jail told her to stop because her cries were waking up other people.

When Veronica’s body was found on the floor three hours later, it was cold and naked. The shower was running, and the cell was full of water.

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She was also curled up like a fetus, and her hands looked like sharp claws. They thought she had been dead for a while when they got there.

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