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How Did John Dutton’s Wife Die? How Did Evelyn’s Death Affect, John?

How Did John Dutton’s Wife Die? The protagonists of Yellowstone are the Duttons, who own the largest ranch in the United States. John Dutton is the family patriarch who has managed the ranch for decades. John and his wife Evelyn jointly raised four children. Evely passed away prior to the beginning of the series. The story of what occurred is revealed through flashbacks.

Who is John Dutton’s Wife Die?

John Dutton’s wife Evelyn gave birth to their four children: Lee, Jamie, Beth, and Kayce. On March 30, 1997, she peacefully left this world. Even though Evelyn and her death are barely discussed at first, the story begins to reveal its secrets bit by bit. In a flashback to 1997, we see that Evelyn took her daughters Beth and Kayce horseback riding.

How Did John Dutton’s Wife Die?

Lee, Kayce, and Beth Dutton’s original mother was named Evelyn. After Jamie’s mother was murdered, she and John adopted him. The only time Evelyn is seen in the show is in flashbacks. What happened to her is detailed in the Yellowstone episode “No Good Horses.”

How Did John Dutton's Wife Die

With Beth and Kayce in tow, Evelyn took to the open trail in 1997. Due to Beth’s anxiety, her horse spooked Evelyn’s mount. The weight of Evelyn’s horse crushed her to the ground. While Kayce stayed with Evelyn, Beth raced for aid. It was too late to save Evelyn, and she passed away shortly thereafter.

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How Did Evelyn’s Death Affect, John?

The loss of Evelyn Dutton, John’s wife and the mother of his children was a great sorrow for him. He has never been able to get over the loss of his wife. According to Beth, the best of her father perished along with her mother.

Despite Evelyn’s harsh treatment of her, Beth continues to call her mom “the spine of the family.” Once, John said to Kayce, “Without you, I’m just half a man.” Having her around made me a better father, which isn’t an excuse.

The Governor, Lynelle Perry, and Summer Higgins are two of John’s romantic interests in Yellowstone. While he has been in a few casual relationships, he has not yet remarried.

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Why Did Beth Feel Responsible For the Death of Her Mother?

Due to her own self-blame, Beth is unable to cope with her mother’s death. She feels responsible for what happened, even though it was not her fault, and this weighs heavily on her.

Beth had a hard time accepting her mother’s death throughout her time in Yellowstone. There’s a point where Beth is convinced that she killed her mother “out of fear.”

How Did John Dutton's Wife Die

As a means of mourning her mother’s death, Beth has taken to taking baths in a trough and guzzling champagne on the anniversary of her passing.

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As Kelly Reily, who plays Beth, explained in an interview, “We get to see this very innocent young girl go through such a trauma. For some reason, she has never been able to move on from that. It’s as though when her mother passed away, a piece of her spirit also departed. To peel back her layers, we begin to comprehend.
Beth is the only one of her siblings who blames herself for the pain they all feel after their mother’s early death.

Beth was traumatised by her mother’s frigid treatment of her in her final days and by her mother’s untimely death.


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