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Who is Kehlani’s Baby Daddy? Kehlani and Javaughn Young-White’s Relationship

Want to know who the father of Kehlani’s child is? The singer is making headlines due to the ugly truth that they were sexually assaulted during a concert.

However, their adoring fans are extremely optimistic and eager to learn more about their lives. Specifically, everyone is aware of Kehlani’s infant daughter. Who is their father, though?

Beginning with the fundamentals, Kehlani Ashley Parrish is a truly versatile singer. Kehlani, who was born on April 24, 1995, is now 27 years old. They are Oakland, California, United States citizens.

Well, Kehlani is primarily recognized as a member of the hip-hop collective The HBK. Have you not heard their most recent album, Blue Water Road? This is the third studio album by Kehlani.

Distraction, Good Life, Gangsta, Good Thing, Birthday, Little Story, Everything, Beautiful Lies, I Like Dat, etc. are some of Kehlani’s most popular songs. This year, Kehlani also portrayed Ivy in the drama series The L Word: Generation Q as a guest star.

Leilani has collaborated with numerous artists, including Keyshia Cole, Russ, Charlie Puth, Zayn, Nick Cannon, and many others.

Returning to Kehlani’s personal life, the singer has dated several industry professionals. However, the news of their pregnancy increased fan curiosity about her partner. Surprisingly, the father of Kehlani’s child is her guitarist.

If you were searching for the identity of Kehlani’s father, you have found it!

Who Is Kehlani’s Baby Daddy

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Who is Kehlani’s Baby Daddy?

As previously stated, the guitarist who is Kehlani’s father is Javaughn Young-White. Kehlani posted an Instagram photo with the caption “Hey Dad” after announcing her pregnancy.

Their daughter’s name is Adeya Nomi Young-White. She was born on March 23, 2019

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Kehlani elaborated on their pregnancy plan as she discussed it further. When she learned that they could take a break from touring, they made plans accordingly. It was the first time they had contemplated and thought about it. When Kehlani and Javaughn worked on it, neither of them viewed it as a chore, according to Kehlani.

When asked what Kehlani liked about their baby daddy, the singer disclosed that Javaughn is also a bisexual man. They admitted that it felt wonderful to be understood.

At the age of 23, Kehlani’s father, Javaughn Young-White, had an impressive career. It appears from his social media posts that he is a firm believer in spiritual matters.

Several internet rumors began to circulate that Javaughn was Kehlani’s “gay best friend” and “sperm donor.” That is ludicrous!

As a response, Javaughn took to his Twitter account to dispel these baseless and false rumors. He stated, “I’ve never been a sperm donor, I don’t identify as homosexual, and I’ve never been “the gay best friend.” Additionally, Javaughn referred to himself as the father of his lovely daughter.

Javaughn became enraged at the gossipers. If you’re going to be aimless and nosy, at least get your facts straight, he said.

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Kehlani and Jauvaughn have ended their relationship, if you were wondering about their status. The precise reason for their separation is unknown. Also, it is unknown if both share joint custody of Adeya. Both have moved on and are extremely content!

Best wishes for the upcoming days of Kehlani’s life. For additional updates, you may follow Kehlani’s Instagram account. We believe Kehlani is an excellent mother. On the other hand, Jauvaughn is said to have a strong relationship with their daughter.

Kehlani And Javaughn Young-White’s Relationship

It is unknown whether they ever had a romantic relationship, but they are no longer connected. However, Kehlani’s father remains heavily involved in their daughter’s life.

Regarding their relationship, pansexual Kehlani stated in an interview with Nicki Minaj that she began dating women before men. She subsequently found a bisexual male companion. And he understands her fluidity and queerness as well as he understands his own. Being understood is a wonderful experience.

The father of Kehlani’s child took to Twitter to dispel rumors that he was her “gay best friend” and “sperm donor.” He stated, “I have never donated sperm, I do not consider myself to be homosexual, and I have never had a gay best friend.” “I enjoy what I enjoy, and I am the parent of a beautiful girl.

Who Is Kehlani’s Baby Daddy

If you’re going to be aimless and nosy, you should at least have your facts straight”, Javie added in his tweet.

Although few details are known about their relationship, Kehlani clarified that the pregnancy was planned. She stated that she decided to have the baby at this time after learning she could take a break from touring.

She has been primarily a touring artist. Because it was scheduled, she and her baby daddy were only required to have sex every other day for a brief period of time. The fact that it did not feel like a chore made them both happy.

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