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Here’s Why You Won’t Be Able to Watch “the Masked Singer” Tonight—and When You Can

There has been some misunderstanding regarding the airtime of the reality series as a result of a delay that occurred during an MLB postseason game.

The episode of The Masked Singer that will feature a new trio of celebrities performing behind masks has been a week in the making, and fans have been patiently waiting. When they turned in to FOX at the regular hour of 8 p.m. Eastern Time, only to find baseball jerseys rather than a gigantic ear of corn or a decked-out mermaid, it is easy to see why they were taken aback and confused by the experience.

This is because the episode of The Masked Singer that was scheduled to show tonight was cancelled. The episode was initially scheduled to air after the conclusion of a postseason matchup between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves of the Major League Baseball. However, the game got off to a late start. The second game of the NLDS contest was scheduled to begin at 4:35 o’clock in the afternoon. However, because to the terrible weather in Atlanta, the beginning time had to be pushed back.

A few hours later, everything started moving in the right direction. Because of this unfortunate circumstance, all of FOX’s evening programming, including The Masked Singer, had to be cancelled. Initially, during the time when the show was meant to air, the social media accounts for the show stated that it would “be on soon” after the game. However, the show did not air during that time. The tweet was then deleted by the show, and it was replaced with the simple message “We’ll see you next week.”

Here's Why You Won't Be Able to Watch "the Masked Singer" Tonight—and When You Can

This has never happened before in the history of the reality shows that won an Emmy. The show has never suddenly stopped showing episodes, despite the fact that it has taken several weeks off during previous fall seasons in order to accommodate the World Series. In addition to this, the show did not provide any indication as to when the episode will really be accessible to view, which further added to the confusion.

According to the information that we have, the show was broadcast as usual in Canada, however the networks in the United States did not air it.

According to information provided by Fox to at this moment, the programme is being saved and will run as scheduled on the following Wednesday evening. The programme from tonight will not be available on Hulu or FOX NOW tomorrow.

The good news is that viewers won’t miss viewing the episode on their TV, and the bad news is that we might get an extra week of Masked Singer or episodes that air back-to-back later on in the season. On the other hand, taking into account the postseason baseball that is still to come this month as well as the delays that come with with it, it is possible that we are not out of the woods yet in terms of the Masked Singer scheduling oddities.

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