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Helen Slayton-hughes, Who Played Donna on Parks and Recreation, Has Passed Away at the Age of 92.

Helen Slayton-Hughes, who played Ethel Beevers in the Parks and Recreation sitcom on NBC, has passed away at the age of 92. She was most recognised for her part in the show.

On the actress’s Facebook page, her relatives placed an advertisement with the following text:

To all of our cherished Helen’s close friends and admirers: Helen was taken from us late last night. Her suffering is done, but her tenacious will to fight continues. I am grateful for the care and support you have shown her and the work that she does.

At this time, we do not have any information regarding the reason for her passing.

In addition, the family sent the actress a video in which she was shown performing her iconic part from the television programme Parks and Recreation. The words that appeared over the video read:

Our dear Helen… You have never failed to make us chuckle. I am grateful for the love and joy that you have provided. You motivated all of us by seeing your dream through to its completion. Have a break, our lovely Helen. We have no doubt that the joyous laughter will follow you wherever you go.

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