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Allegedly Involved in a Fight on a Plane Was David Walliams

It has been stated that David Walliams got into a fight with another passenger while flying first class on an Emirates trip.

It is said that the star of the television programmes “Little Britain” and “Britain is Looking for Talent” was enraged by another passenger, Jamie MacDonald, who filmed him at various phases of a trip with the airline in November. The excursion took place in November.

When McDonald uploaded the video on TikTok, he annotated the beginning of the tape with the following message: “Just had a fight with David Walliams in the first-class waiting area about this video.” You can see a masked man who looks very much like David Walliams sitting in the living room of the house and then looking towards the camera at one point in the video.

The movie then cuts to the area of the aeroplane where the individual private rooms are located. In this area, you can see a man’s leg propped up on the ledge of the capsule that is facing the camera. It is revealed on film that McDonald is the one who made the following observation: “He’s in the capsule next to me, so weird every time I walk by.”

After that, the video concludes with MacDonald taking a photo while wearing a mask and captioning it with the following: “David Walliams reported me, I don’t know if I can fly with Emirates again, what sort of bob.”

NME has attempted to contact Mr. Walliams’ reps in order to obtain comment on this matter.

“David was intending to keep a low profile throughout his trip, but when you’re one of the greatest performers on TV, it’s no small task,” a source said in response to the video while speaking to The Sun.

“He was observed in the living room, but he did not make a scene, although it was evident that he was dissatisfied. Although he did not make a scene, he did make it clear that he was unhappy. During the flight, the man attempted to steal another photo, and David was growing increasingly frustrated by the situation. He informed the worker, and Emirates made the decision to intervene.”

In other news, it should be mentioned that it is “very much up in the air” whether or not David Walliams will continue to serve as a judge on the competition known as Britain’s Got Talent. After ten years of working together on the show, the comedian will reportedly part ways with the rest of the cast.

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