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Gold Coast Helicopter Crash Video Reddit: Four Are Dead, And Three Are In Critical Condition After Crash!

Four people died in the accident, which was looked into by experts who went through the wreckage of the two helicopters that crashed in the air over the Gold Coast.

On New Year’s Day, which is a public holiday, two helicopters run by Sea World Helicopters crashed while taking pleasure flights over the Broadwater near the theme park.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is looking at the wreckage, watching video of the crash, and talking to witnesses and operators to find out what happened.

Gold Coast Helicopter Crash Video Reddit

There are a lot of videos of the crash between two helicopters on the Gold Coast on Reddit.

The exact reason why the two helicopters crashed into each other in the air is still unknown, but ATSB Chief Commissioner Angus Mitchell says it happened 200 to 300 metres up on Monday around 2:00 pm.

He said that at the time of the crash, one helicopter with seven people on board was taking off and another helicopter with six people on board was landing. When the landing helicopter’s main rotors hit the plane taking off, they did “considerable damage” to the front of the landing helicopter.

Because of this, the main rotor blades and gearbox of the aircraft that was going up broke apart, and the plane crashed onto the sandbar.

Mr. Mitchell said that it was amazing that the second helicopter could land upright. The ATSB says that takeoff and landing are the most important parts of a flight where pilots have to think the most.

Four are Dead, And Three Are In Critical Condition After Crash

The crash killed four adults and the pilot of the helicopter, who was about to take off. Their ages were 36, 40, 57, and 65.

The crash hurt Winnie De Silva and her son Leon very badly.

Sea World Helicopters’ pilot Ashley Jenkinson died in the crash. Friends have called him a “true legend” who helped rescue people who were stuck in the Northern Rivers floods and bring food to them. Some people thought that some of the two adults were British. The second person to be killed comes from Glenmore Park, New South Wales.

Acting Inspector Mike Campbell of the Queensland Police said that one of the people who died was related to one of the people who survived. Police say that a mother, her son, and another child were among the three other people who were seriously hurt.

Winnie De Silva, 33, of Geelong, and her 9-year-old son were both seriously hurt, as was a 10-year-old boy from New South Wales. They are still in the hospital with three of them.

Gold Coast Helicopter Crash Update

Mr. Mitchell says that the ATSB is getting as much information and data as it can. This includes footage from the passengers’ cameras, chopper vision, and accounts from people who saw what happened.

Chief Commissioner Angus Mitchell of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau gives an update on the investigation into the helicopter crash.
He thanked the people in the neighbourhood who helped investigators figure out what had happened by giving them CCTV and camera footage from their buildings.

Mr. Mitchell says that the helicopters have been brought back to land from the sandbar so that ATSB investigators can learn more about what happened and the forces at work. Anyone who saw the accident is being asked to come forward.

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