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Ghosts Season 2 Release Date: Cast, Storyline, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know!

Ghosts, a comedy that became a big sensation during the 2021–2022 television season, is returning to CBS and is eager to give viewers another spooky good time.

Ghosts are the most recent instance of an original British program that American viewers have adapted for and appreciated. The Office, Shameless, House of Cards, and Love Island are just a few examples of shows it joins. Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, the American writers and producers of Ghosts, undoubtedly aspire to achieve the same level of popularity as those shows.

Before we can discuss Ghosts’ position in the British-to-American pantheon, however, season 2 of the show is expected to demonstrate that season 1 was not an aberration. What is known about Ghosts season 2 is shown below.

Release Date for the Ghosts Season 2

According to hiddenremot, BS has announced the return date for the show. The start of Ghosts Season 2 is set on Thursday, September 29.

We will get the episodes one hour earlier than we did during the first season. At 8:30 p.m. ET/PT, they’ll come on after fresh Young Sheldon episodes. Make sure to note this in your calendar so that you are prepared.

We discovered that we’ll examine the contemporary ghosts in further detail during the SDCC 2022 panel. It’s time to discover more about who they were before passing away and we get to get to know them a little bit better. However, they are not the only spirits we will encounter.

We still haven’t meant some spirits. If you thought there were already enough ghosts in the plot, the program will introduce more. In addition, Jay and Sam will open the B&B, which will present numerous opportunities for mayhem and humour.

Ghosts Season 2 Cast and Characters

Ghosts season 2’s main cast is all expected to return, even if we don’t yet know anything about prospective new cast members or guest stars. Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Danielle Pinnock, and others are included in this. The full main cast and the roles they play are listed below:

Ghosts Season 2 Release Date

  • Rose McIver as Samantha
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar as Jay
  • Brandon Scott Jones as Isaac
  • Danielle Pinnock as Alberta
  • Asher Grodman as Trevor
  • Sheila Carrasco as Flower
  • Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty
  • Devan Chandler Long as Thorfinn
  • Richie Moriarity as Pete
  • Roman Zaragoza as Sasappis

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What is the Plot of Ghosts Season 2

Ghosts centers on Samantha and Jay, a young couple who hope to convert their inherited old farmhouse into a bed and breakfast. Samantha, however, starts to see the few ghosts that live in the mansion after having an accident there. They must all learn to coexist and support one another. There were two major developments in the Ghosts season 1 finale. First, a British soldier from the Revolutionary War who died in a ghostly battle confesses to Isaac, his ghostly lover, his true, loving thoughts.

In the meantime, Samantha and Jay learn of a curse that was placed upon them soon after moving in by Thorfinn, before they all become friends, just as they are about to launch their B&B. Samantha resolves to ignore the curse because the only method to break it could jeopardise her ability to speak with spirits. However, as they greet their first visitors, the house’s floorboards start to collapse around them.

So, in Ghosts season 2, the effects of the very real curse will need to be dealt with. Can Jay and Samantha continue to operate their B&B? Will Samantha choose to give up her newly discovered talent to communicate with the dead? What other issues from the ghosts’ history will surface?

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Is There Any Trailer for Ghosts Season 2

A Ghosts season 2 teaser has been made available by CBS. It includes some of the highlights from season one as well as the first glimpse of the brand-new episodes, which will premiere in the fall of 2022. These moments include Jay hoping he can see ghosts after banging his head and the B&B getting ready for their (second) first guests. View the trailer down below.

How to Watch the Show Ghosts

Ghosts, which airs on CBS, is accessible to anyone who has a standard pay-TV subscription or who uses a TV antenna to get signals from their nearby CBS station. CBS is included in the channel selection of live TV streaming services like FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV.

Ghosts Season 2 Release Date

Ghosts is available to view with Paramount Plus. All Paramount Plus users can view every episode of Ghosts on-demand, and those who have the ad-free version of the programme can watch the most recent episodes live on the streaming site.

Anyone with a traditional or live TV streaming service subscription can view episodes on-demand on

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