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Face and North West Participate in TikTok’s Viral Get Sturdy Dance

When Lizzo was backstage at the event, North West joined her for a performance of the “Get Stronger” dance that has gone popular on the social media platform TikTok.

North Kardashian, who is nine years old and the daughter of Kim Kardashian, was granted an exclusive encounter with Lizzo at her final performance of the special tour at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California.

North tweeted a video of herself cheering for “Good as Hell” hitmaker Lizzo as he took to the stage for his most recent Special 2our concert. North was standing in the audience.

Not only did it appear as though the young girl had been given luxury concert tickets, but she also appeared to have met the singer who had won a Grammy Award backstage.

North West and Lizzo Perform the “get Stronger” Dance in TikTok

Another video was uploaded to the TikTok account of North and Kim’s mother, and in it, a young girl who appeared to be 9 years old and her companion could be seen standing backstage in front of Lizzo. The three individuals were getting ready to perform the choreography to the popular dance known as Get Sturdy. They were dressed in bright pink.

The young ladies began their performance by hopping on one leg and swinging their leg, two moves that are emblematic of this style. Squatting among the other girls while tapping her heels, Lizzo, who was dressed in a pink bodysuit with revealing cutouts, joined in on the fun. At the very end, each one of them had a grin on their face and was laughing heartily.

The vast majority of their films feature comedic skits, dance tutorials, general GRWM nonsense, and lip syncs to popular songs.

A video that North posted earlier this month, in which she made light of her famous mother’s on-screen antics, has already received an astounding 11 million views.

Fans were also taken aback by the social media star last week when she confessed in a video that had been previously removed that the R-rated horror film is her go-to choice for a first-thing-in-the-morning viewing.

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