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Drummer D.H. Peligro of the “Dead Kennedys” Passes Away at Home After a Fall: Band

According to a post on the band’s Instagram account, D.H. Peligro, the long-time drummer for the iconic punk rock band Dead Kennedys, passed away as the result of a fall that occurred at his residence.

He was 63.

The announcement released on the 28th of October said that D.H. (Darren Henley) Peligro “died away at his Los Angeles residence.” The officers who responded to the site said that an unintentional fall caused him to sustain head damage, which ultimately led to his death.

In the following days, an announcement on the funeral arrangements will be made, according to the statement. “During this time of great need, we respectfully request that you maintain the family’s right to privacy. I am grateful for the kind words and thoughts that you have shared.

TMZ was informed by sources that emergency medical personnel arrived at Peligro’s residence in San Fernando just after 7 o’clock on Friday evening. It was reported that he was discovered in a restroom and pronounced dead at the location. According to TMZ, an autopsy has not yet been performed.

In 1981, Peligro became the new drummer for the highly anti-establishment band, which had been formed in San Francisco in 1978. Previously, Bruce Slesinger had held that position. He played on some of the most notable albums released by the Kennedys, such as In God We Trust, Inc. (which featured the smash song “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”), Plastic Surgery Disasters, Frankenchrist, and Bedtime for Democracy.

Peligro, when asked about his hard-charging strategy, responded in an interview by saying, “I just pushed as hard as I could push.” “I’d get a little guff from [guitarist East Bay] Ray because he wanted me to slow down a bit, but I just kept going and I kept that tempo up. He wanted me to slow down a bit, but I just kept going. Everyone eventually become accustomed to it.”

Peligro was one of the first notable African American musicians to emerge from the punk scene. He frequently discussed the bigotry he experienced in the industry.

It was good when you were onstage, but when you got off, they’d become drunk and call you all kinds of names, he once said in an interview with LA Weekly. “Music would drive me to areas I wouldn’t typically go,” he said. “It’s fine while you were onstage.”

The band disbanded in the year 1986.

In 2001, Ray, Peligro, and bassist Kurt Flouride reunited the band with Brandon Cruz as the new frontman, replacing Jello Biafra who had previously held that position. After some time, the drummer established his own band called Peligro.

In 2017, as a way to pay proper homage to the Dead Kennedys, Biafra reworked one of the band’s most well-known songs as a tribute to Donald Trump, who was serving as president at the time.

Biafra transformed “Nazi Punks Fuck Off,” an anthem first released in 1981 by the Dead Kennedys, into “Nazi Trumps Fuck Off” when performing with Dead Cross in Berkeley, California.

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