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Tom Hanks on ‘snl’ With Jack Harlow and as David S. Pumpkins.

Tom Hanks made an unannounced visit on “Saturday Night Live” in a skit with host Jack Harlow in which they made fun of Hollywood’s depiction of Southern culture.

Harlow, the Kentucky-born rapper who has become a hot ticket and a hearthrob as a hip hop musician, was featured in a sketch that was set in a hardscrabble AA meeting room and populated by a group of characters that are stereotypically Southern who are engaging in a recovery meeting. The sketch also featured a group of people who were recovering from an addiction to alcohol.

Harlow got the role of a resentful participant who, during the course of the event, ultimately reveals to the other characters that he’s always had an eccentric concept for a Pixar movie featuring bags. Tom Hanks burst into the room just as Harlow was showing off his foot in a cheeky manner.

“Hi. I’m Tom H. “I’m here to explore a character, and it’s possible that I play an alcoholic,” stated Hanks. (The actor who most recently played Mr. Rogers in the 2019 film “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” might be identified by the dark blue zip-up sweater he was wearing.)

Tom Hanks on 'snl' With Jack Harlow and as David S. Pumpkins.

The question then gets passed back to Harlow, who asks, “If you were a suitcase, what would your tagline be?”

Hanks paused for a moment before responding with an exaggerated level of excitement, “Well, I guess it would be something like ‘That really snags my zippers.’ “

The first of Harlow’s musical performances for the evening was introduced by Hanks a few minutes after the segment ended. Harlow gave a performance of his hit song “First Class” while wearing a costume that was reminiscent of John Travolta’s from the film “Saturday Night Fever.”

Later on in the show, Hanks reprised his role as the much-loved character David S. Pumpkins for the Halloween episode of “Saturday Night Live.” The scene took place in the haunted elevator.

Mikey Day and Bobby Moynihan, who also returned to the show as “Drunk Uncle” on Weekend Update, reprised the roles of the “King of Halloween” and his dancing skeletons, respectively. Moynihan is now in 10th position all-time in terms of sketch appearances on Saturday Night Live (767), which places him between Will Ferrell (9th) and Amy Poehler (7th) (11th)

“If I pass out, record me and broadcast it,” pleaded Harlow as her character, an ecstatic elevator rider, as she got on the ride to watch horrors set in a “iconic jail.” The ride operator, Kenan Thompson, had explained that they would experience “horrors from the silver screen.” All three riders are perplexed by the presence of Pumpkins as the cells open up to show the characters Michael Myers, Pennywise, and Annabelle.

Hanks said at the audience while breaking out into a few dance movements, “I’m going to scare you stupid!”

According to Harlow, “I was kind of feeling David Pumpkins, which was a good change of pace.”

Pumpkins tells the skeletons, who are “next to him,” that they will “take it one day at a time” for the rest of their lives.

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