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DinDin Amazed by Niccolo’s New Look on ‘The Return of Superman’


The episode titled ‘Hoi! Hoi! of ‘The Return of Superman’ series has become the subject of speculation all over the internet. Mansses are whispering and spreading rumors about the episode content and cast members on various social media platforms.

It was broadcasted on the July 7th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s ‘The Return of Superman’, the episode titled ‘Hoi! Hoi! It featured two MCs Choi Jiwoo and Ahn Youngmi, along with Superman dads Kim Junho, Jason, Moon Heejun, Choi Minhwan, and DinDin.

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The nephew of Niccolo was born in March 2021 and is of Korean-Italian descent. He garnered the attention of the media by showcasing his extraordinary language skills, speaking three languages, and his doll-like appearance.

On the day when Niccolo grabbed the attention and came into the eyes of the spotlight, at that time, DinDin appeared with his nephew Niccolo and took on the role of caregiver for the day

Not only this but also DinDin’s mother also emerged while preparing a sumptuous feast for her son and grandson. The food made everyone’s mouth water.

His mother seated with her back to DinDin but her huge focus was on Niccolo’s side dishes and this made laugh everyone. Comedian Matt Rife and Actress Jessica Lord Call It Quits After Year-Long Romance

When his mother just gave her full attention to his nephew, he expressed her jealousy through mocking as he said, “Before you (Niccolo) were born, I was the king of this house.”

He jokingly targeted Niccolo’s doll-like appearance came from his genes and said, “My parents are not particularly outstanding, so it seems my exceptional genes went to Niccolo.”

The audience was enthralled as DinDin transformed into Niccolo’s hairstylist, utilizing his previous experience as a military barber.

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DinDin said, “I’m a former military barber, but while comrades don’t move, babies do. What if the child suddenly turns his head and gets hurt?”

DinDin and the studio MCs were amazed by Niccolo’s transformed appearance after his haircut, repeatedly exclaiming, “He’s so cool and handsome.” DinDin’s exceptional styling skills were praised for perfectly achieving the desired look.

At the end of the broadcast, DinDin expressed his deep affection for his nephew and said, “When I have a child, I want to do for them what I did for my nephew.”

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