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The Wall Season 5 Release Date: Is It Available on Peacock?

The Wall Season 5 Release Date: Every day individuals compete against a 40-foot wall and a range of trivia questions with the chance to earn up to $13.6 million.

Each pair of deserving contestants, including siblings, spouses, and best friends, has a plan for how they will use the life-altering prize money.

But overcoming the Wall is no simple task. The game produced by LeBron James is a true examination of both intellect and poise. The outcome is as uncertain as the bounce of a ball due to the frequent shifts between good luck and bad luck.

The Wall Season 5 Release Date

The return of two of NBC’s most popular game series, “The Wall” on April 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT and Weakest Link Season 3” on April 17 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, will amp up the excitement. The following day, episodes will be available for streaming on Peacock.

The heart-pounding games return with thrilling new gameplay, a plethora of special guests, and a new crop of enthusiastic players eager to put their abilities to the test for life-changing cash rewards.

The Wall Season 5

The Wall has altered people’s lives by donating over $11 million to date! This season, executive producer LeBron James will give away record-breaking sums of money with a game-changing twist.

Prepare for the brand-new Superdrop, in which all seven balls will descend in a waterfall fashion, resulting in a prize pool of over $13 million per night. Yet with greater reward comes greater risk and the possibility of losing everything.

In what is unquestionably the most unpredictable show on television, every question and every decision could determine millions of dollars.

“The Wall,” hosted and executive produced by actor, comedian, author, and television personality Chris Hardwick, will award two teammates with life-changing monetary rewards.

The basics are straightforward: if a player answers a question correctly, a green ball will roll down the Wall and add the slot’s value to their overall winnings.

If a team fails to answer a question correctly, an ominous red ball will fall and deduct the value from their score. Teammates must collaborate to create a substantial monetary award.

But, the formidable barricade is not easily breached. The Wall is wildly unpredictable and capable of producing millions of distinct outcomes.

As the game goes on, the stakes increase when one player is placed in an isolation chamber beyond the Wall. Here, the pairs’ trust will be put to the test as they play the remainder of the game without communicating.

The Wall is an emotional roller coaster that both gives and takes away. One moment you’re on top, and the next you’re one bounce from zero.

In this game, both answers and bounces are required… with millions at risk every night. “The Wall” is a collaboration between SpringHill Entertainment and Glassman Media, with executive producers James, Hardwick, Maverick Carter, and Andrew Glassman. Glassman Media in collaboration with CORE Media and Universal Television Alternative Studio conceived and produced “The Wall.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Has Been Won on the Wall?

The Bronx brothers Hecthan and Hector hold the record for all-time winnings with $1,749,907. On the eleventh episode of season three, they competed, with Hector backstage answering questions and Hecthan on stage making all wall judgments.

Who Built the Great Wall?

The Wall was purportedly built eight millennia ago by giants and men under the guidance of King Brandon Stark, often known as Bran the Builder, after the Battle for the Dawn.

Yet, some fans believe that present-day Bran Stark and Bran the Builder are the same individuals.


The Wall Season 5 returns with thrilling new gameplay, special guests, and a new crop of enthusiastic players eager to put their abilities to the test for life-changing cash rewards. The Wall is an emotional roller coaster that both gives and takes away, with millions at risk every night.

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