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Corona patients will be treated with Remadesiveer in Japan

Coronavirus is being seen in the world. Many countries are engaged in making the Coronavirus vaccine. Meanwhile, Japan has approved Gilead Sciences drug Remdesvir as a drug of Kovid-19.

Japan has approved Gilead Sciences Company’s Remedesivir drug for the treatment of Kovid-19. The Health Ministry said on Thursday that it is the officially authorized drug for the disease in the country. Japan decided on this medicine within three days.

Three days ago, the US drugmaker sought approval for this. Madesivir was authorized last week through the US Food and Drug Administration for a disease caused by the coronavirus. At the same time, before this, the FDA of America gave approval to the drug Remedesivir.

The US has also said that this drug is important in the treatment of Kovid-19. The world is looking towards this medicine with expectations. Actually, this drug was made to eliminate Ebola. Now it is curing coronavirus patients more quickly. American scientists say that with the success of this drug, we have got new hope to defeat Corona.


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