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From Co-Stars to Couple: Claudia Jessie’s Dating Journey!

Claudia Jessie, known for her role in “Bridgerton,” shares a heartwarming real-life romance with her partner, Cole Edwards. The couple’s relationship is characterized by a deep bond and mutual support, often highlighted in their public appearances and social media posts.

Jessie and Edwards maintain a relatively private life, focusing on their shared interests and enjoying each other’s company away from the limelight. Their love story is an inspiring example of a genuine and nurturing partnership.

For more details about Claudia Jessie’s romantic journey with Cole Edwards and insights into their life together, delve into our comprehensive article. Discover how their relationship blossoms amidst their respective careers and personal endeavors.

Claudia Jessie Dating

While she plays the free-spirited and unmarried Eloise Bridgerton on the hit Netflix series “Bridgerton,” actress Claudia Jessie enjoys a real-life romance off-screen. The 34-year-old has been dating Cole Edwards, one of the casting directors who helped her land her breakout role on “Bridgerton.”

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Jessie and Edwards have kept their relationship relatively private, only giving glimpses into their romance during interviews. However, the actress did open up a bit about how they met while reflecting on her “Bridgerton” audition process. “I got a job and a fella on the same day,” Jessie told The Guardian. “It was a great day for me, wasn’t it?”

Jessie credits Edwards’s working-class background as a casting director on “Bridgerton” with helping her seize the role of Eloise despite not coming from an upper-crust background typically associated with period dramas.

“I think ‘Bridgerton’ is brilliant because there are loads of people who wouldn’t usually be seen in those roles as a lady or a duke,” Jessie said. “When I get interviewed, I am often asked if I’d like to live in the ‘Bridgerton’ world and I have to remind them that if I did, I’d be staff.”

Claudia Jessie’s Rise to Fame

While her life has changed drastically due to “Bridgerton’s” global success, Claudia Jessie, a working-class actress from Birmingham, takes it all in stride. She lives with her partner, Cole Edwards, and their pet dog in Birmingham’s Jewelry Quarter.

Despite her newfound fame, Jessie remains grateful for simply earning a living as an actor. “If I can get some cash for acting I’m fucking winning. I didn’t think any of it would happen,” Jessie said. Reflecting on her journey, she adds, “If it all went tits-up tomorrow and I died or something, well, my life has been amazing.”

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Her next project is a short film, “Booty,” written and directed by Edwards. Jessie’s story is an unlikely success—transforming from a girl who never dreamed of an acting career to a beloved star on one of Netflix’s biggest shows, all while sharing her life with the man she loves.


In conclusion, Claudia Jessie’s journey from a working-class background in Birmingham to international fame on “Bridgerton” is a testament to her talent and perseverance. Living with her partner, Cole Edwards, in the Jewelry Quarter, Jessie remains grounded despite her success.

Her gratitude for simply being able to earn a living as an actor underscores her humble and appreciative nature. With upcoming projects like the short film “Booty,” written and directed by Edwards, Jessie continues to embrace new challenges and opportunities. Her story is one of unexpected success, personal fulfillment, and a loving partnership, making her a relatable and inspiring figure in the entertainment industry.

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