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Claims “Sharp” Jokes Cost Him Twitch Sponsorship by DisguisedToast

Streaming celebrity Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang claims that a joke he made recently led to the termination of a deal he had with a sponsor because the sponsor found the joke to be offensive.

The streamers have been able to parlay their fame into prospects for sponsorship since they have developed a sizable and devoted following for their content.

Some streamers have made significant progress by obtaining their own sponsors on personal computers and related hardware, while others have reached out to companies that produce food and beverages. On Twitch, there is a diverse selection of merchandising options available for some of the most popular streamers.

When it comes to DisguisedToast, he has a number of sponsors of his own, some of them are the same people who collaborate with OfflineTV and the other content providers that fall under his aegis. On the other hand, he asserted that one of the sponsors dropped him as a result of a joke that he told while the stream was live.


A joke that was deemed too offensive by the sponsor caused them to withdraw their participation, as indicated in the toast.
The OTV star asked his audience about how “edgy” he might be with the name for his preferred deck in the Blizzard video game during a recent round of Hearthstone games. He was interested in hearing their feedback.

When asked to elaborate on his standpoint regarding this issue, he stated that he had a similar episode of worry that caused him to get into an unpleasant situation with the sponsor. Toast stated, “The other day I found out that I lost my sponsorship because I cracked a joke in porn,” which was a reference to the fact that he had made the joke.

“I won’t get into details because I don’t want to lose any more sponsors, but I made a joke in porn and one of my sponsors rejected, exactly like them,” he said. “I don’t want to lose any more sponsors.”

Even while the Twitch star swiftly changed the subject and returned his attention to Hearthstone, some viewers continued to speculate about the circumstances of Toast’s breakup with his ex-girlfriend.

Given that he made mention to the sponsor’s departure, some people thought that he was either trolling or playing a lengthy game. Who actually knows what Toast’s relationship is like with its sponsors at this point?

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