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Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Story” at Manchester United, According to Fabrizio Romano, is Over.

Following his recent conversation with Piers Morgan, Fabrizio Romano anticipates that Cristiano Ronaldo’s tenure at Manchester United will soon come to an end.

During his daily briefing with the offside caught, Romano provided his professional view on Ronaldo’s future at Old Trafford. Romano believes that Ronaldo will continue to play for Manchester United.

Romano claims that negotiations between the club’s internal bodies and Eric ten Hag are still ongoing, but he anticipates that the “story” of United and Ronaldo will soon come to an end.

“Internal conversations are still underway between the Manchester United board, Eric ten Haag, and those inside the club to discuss the problem with Ronaldo,” he stated. “These talks are being held to discuss the situation with Ronaldo.”

It is anticipated that Cristiano’s time at Manchester United would come to an end after his interview with Piers Morgan.

Romano is anticipating the occurrence of further discussions prior to the United announcement of their decision.

“The club will have other meetings to identify the final position and make sure that this is 100% the best approach to communicate,” he stated. “The club will hold extra meetings to determine the final position.”

As a result of this high-profile interview, Ronaldo will almost certainly be able to leave Old Trafford, which was already a possibility before the interview received so much attention.

The decision that United makes will be based on whether or not they are able to terminate the striker’s contract without having to pay him any severance pay; the club is presently seeking legal counsel on this matter.

It has been stated that Manchester United would be required to pay Ronaldo 10 million pounds as compensation for the dissolution of their relationship. This is something that United will attempt to avoid for reasons that are self-explanatory.

Even though Ronaldo does not now have a lot of options in terms of clubs that are interested in signing him, this situation is likely going to change if and when he becomes a free agency.

The disgraceful circumstances under which Ronaldo will leave Old Trafford have, to some extent, tarnished the incredible legacy that he created in Manchester, but the club has no choice but to sever relations with the six-time winner of the Golden Ball. Ronaldo created an incredible legacy in Manchester, but the club has no choice but to sever relations with him.

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