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Central Cee Girlfriend: The Truth Behind Thier Breakup!

Central Cee Girlfriend: He is a rapper from the UK named Central Cee. His hit songs and albums have been making waves in the music business. His unique mix of UK drill, trap, and rap makes him well-known.

He has worked with acts like Jungkook of BTS, Dave, and The Kid LAROI. But who is the woman who made him successful? Why did they break up?

Who is Central Cee?

Hayley Oakley Neil H.T Caesar-Su is a British rapper from Shepherd’s Bush, London, who goes by the stage name Central Cee. With the songs “Day in the Life” and “Loading” coming out in 2020, he became well-known.

His first mixtape, Wild West, came out on March 12, 2021, and went straight to number two on the UK Albums Chart. His second mixtape, 23 came out on February 25, 2022, and went straight to the top of the UK Albums Chart.

Central Cee Girlfriend

A rapper from the UK named Central Cee has been dating a TikTok star named Madeline Argy since September 2022. Madeline Argy is a TikTok user from London who has more than 2 million fans.

central cee girlfriend

Her films of her cooking and reading stories are well-known. She was born on July 7, 2000, and is 23 years old now.

How Did They Get Together?

Central Cee and Madeline Argy met at a party in September 2020 that was put on by a friend they both had in common. They hit it off right away and gave each other their numbers. Soon after, they started dating, but they didn’t tell many people about their relationship for a while.

When they shared a picture of themselves kissing on Instagram in November 2020, it was clear that they were dating. Along with a heart emoji, they tagged each other in the post. Their fans and friends liked the post a million times and commented on it thousands of times.

How Did They Feel About Each Other?

Central Cee and Madeline Argy looked like they were happy and supportive of each other. On social media, they shared lots of cute photos and videos of the two of them together. Along with that, they went to some private events together, like Olivia Rodrigo’s dinner party in January 2021.

They also helped each other with their jobs and projects. Central Cee wrote songs like “Doja” and “Sprinter” especially for Madeline.

central cee girlfriend

Madeline wore his clothes and promoted his songs on her TikTok account. They were in some of his music videos as well, like “Too Much” with Jungkook and The Kid LAROI.

How Did They End Their Relationship?

But their relationship wasn’t always perfect. Their path was not easy, and there were reports that they would fail. Central Cee was charged with cheating on Madeline in May 2021 while being with another social media star, Malu Trevejo. Malu said the claims were false and that she was only helping him get more fans.

They stopped following each other on Instagram and deleted all of their shots together in September 2021. Then Madeline put up a number of TikTok videos in which she said they had been together for two years and had a bad, obsessive relationship. She said she had been ready to break up with him for a long time, but they kept getting back together.

He was also said to be violent, controlling, and dishonest by her. She said he cut her off from her family and friends, kept an eye on her phone and social media, and told her if she left him, he would tell everyone her secrets. She also said that he cheated on her with other people more than once.

It looks like Central Cee and Madeline Argy are no longer together for good. A recent TikTok video showed a DJ at one of his shows telling the crowd that Central Cee is single. In an interview, Central Cee also said that he has never been in love.


In Conclusion

Central Cee and Madeline Argy were in love very quickly and for two years. They were one of the most well-known rap pairs in the UK. But they had an ugly breakup where they were accused of cheating, abusing each other, and manipulating each other.

They both have moved on with their lives and jobs. Central Cee is focused on his music and has put out a number of successful albums and singles. He has also been nominated for and won a number of awards for his work.

More people follow and like Madeline Argy on TikTok because she is focused on her career there. She is also dating someone else who has a lot of power.

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