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Who is Noah Thompson Girlfriend? Discover About the Relationships of the Past and the Present!

Noah Thompson Girlfriend: Noah Thompson, an American singer who is already well-known, emerged victorious in the 20th season of American Idol.

The singer’s devoted followers are speculating about the identity of her current beau. This article will provide you with all of the information that you require concerning Noah Thompson and his girlfriend.

Noah Thompson Bio

Category Information
Full Name Noah Thompson
Date of Birth March 15, 1985
Place of Birth New York City, USA
Nationality American
Education Bachelors in Psychology,

University of California, Los Angeles

Occupation Licensed Psychologist
Career Highlights – Founded Thompson Therapy Center
– Author of “Finding Balance:
A Guide to Mental Well-being”
– TEDx Speaker
Family – Parents: Sarah and Robert Thompson
– Siblings: Emily Thompson
– Spouse: Jessica Thompson
– Children: Ava and Liam Thompson

Who is Noah Thompson?

Noah Thompson is a young American singer with a lot of ability. In 2022, he won the 20th season of American Idol, which helped him become well-known. He was born in Huntington, West Virginia, on April 18, 2002, and grew up in Louisa, Kentucky.

Before he became a musician, he worked in construction and put cover songs and his own songs on his YouTube account. He didn’t want to try out for American Idol, but a friend convinced him to do so.

He sang in a country way and wrote songs like “One Day Tonight,” “Stay,” and “Make You Rich” that impressed the judges and the crowd.

Who is Noah Thompson

In June 2023, he put out his first EP, Middle of God Knows Where. He has also been nominated for the People’s Choice Award for Competition Contestant of 2022. He is single right now and is concentrating on his music business.

Who is Noah Thompson’s Girlfriend?

Angel Dixon is said to be dating Noah Thompson right now. Online sources say that the two have been dating since 2018, which is a long time. They started dating when they were in high school and fell in love.

Angel Dixon and Noah Thompson have been together since high school. Artistic son Walker-Lee Thompson’s mother is Angel Dixon.

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Social media followers of the musician may know her. Noah Thompson also posts photos of himself and his child online. Noah Thompson tweeted a photo of Angel Dixon and his son Walker playing outside in trucker caps.

Angel Dixon, dating Noah Thompson, is American and likes social media. Greg Fugit and Sharon Workman had her in Louisa, Kentucky.

Lawrence County High School in Louisa, Kentucky introduced her to Noah Thompson. No one knows when they started dating, but they were in love in high school.

Angel Dixon attended Big Sandy Community and Technical College in Prestonburg, Kentucky, after high school. They had a boy in Louisa, Kentucky, in 2021. The next year, Noah Thompson won American Idol 20.

Who is Noah Thompson Dating?

Angel Dixon is said to be dating Noah Thompson right now. Online sources say that the two have been dating since 2018, which is a long time. They started dating when they were in high school and fell in love.

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Since they were in high school, Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon have been together. Angel Dixon is the mother of the artist’s son, Walker-Lee Thompson. Fans of the musician who watch him on social media may already know her.

Noah Thompson girlfriend

Noah Thompson Past Relationship

Country singing star Noah Thompson won American Idol 2022. He and Angel Dixon, his high school sweetheart, have a son named Walker.

Since Noah won the contest, their romance has been rumored. Some fans think Noah is dating HunterGirl, the American Idol runner-up, after breaking up with Angel. Noah denies these charges and says he and Angel are together.

However, Angel’s Instagram cryptic hints suggest otherwise. She unfollowed Noah on social media and erased their photos.

Noah and Angel look to be struggling but have not confirmed their relationship. They fell in love at Louisiana’s Lawrence High School in 2018. Parents to Walker in 2020, they supported each other through Noah’s American Idol journey.

Noah’s music fame changed their lives, despite their tight friendship and love. He traveled for performances, meetings, and recordings, diminishing family time.

This may have strained their connection and caused miscommunication. Supporters hope Noah and Angel will reconcile but have not verified their breakup.

Noah Thompson’s Current Relationship

American Idol 2022 champion Noah Thompson is dating Angel Dixon, his high school sweetheart and Walker’s mother. When they met at Lawrence High School in Louisiana in 2018, they fell in love. Since then, they’ve supported each other through parenting and Noah’s music career.

Noah often calls Angel and Walker his “biggest blessings” on social media. Angel is Noah’s biggest admirer and supported him on American Idol.

The duo seems happy and committed despite allegations of Noah dating Hunter Girl, his co-star. Hawaii was their romantic fifth-anniversary getaway. Noah and Angel are one of the cutest country music couples, and fans can’t get enough of their love story.


According to the results of an online search, Noah Thompson is a good singer who won American Idol in 2022. Since 2018, he’s been with Angel Dixon, and the two of them have a son named Walker. Angel has helped Noah with his music business and even went to the show with him.

Even though they are young parents and have to deal with Noah’s fame, they seem to be very happy and in love. Noah often shares photos of his girlfriend and kid on his social media accounts as a way to show his appreciation and love for them.

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