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Cash App Net Worth: What Happened to Bob Lee, the Founder of Cash App?

Cash App Net Worth: Bob Lee, a tech executive, passed away on April 5, 2023, at age 43. Cash App, a popular mobile payment service released in October 2013 in the United States and the United Kingdom, is attributed to him. Prior to founding Cash App, Lee worked for multiple technology companies. He worked as a software engineer for Google.

He was also an AT&T technical architect. In 2010, he was hired by the eCommerce company Square, which ultimately led to the creation of Square Cash, later renamed Cash App.

His father shared the news of Lee’s death on Facebook.

Cash App Net Worth

According to, the app has generated over $1.8 billion in gross profit since its release in 2019, making it large enough to compete with Venmo. According to Forbes magazine, Cash App’s estimated net worth in 2020 was roughly $40 billion.

As the app gained popularity, it soon allowed teens to access it, but they cannot invest in crypto or stocks until they reach the age of 18.

Cash App is one of the most popular e-commerce applications available. Not only does it enable users to transfer funds, but it also paves the way for them to invest. The app had such a significant cultural impact that hundreds of rap artists referenced it in their songs.

Multiple tech leaders, including former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, have commented on Lee’s legacy since his death, stating that he was instrumental to the industry and did not deserve to be killed.

Cash App Net Worth

What Happened to Bob Lee? What is The Cause of His Death?

The creator of the Cash App (you may also check here about cash app), Bob Lee passed away on April 5, 2023, in San Francisco. The San Francisco Police Department reported that the stabbing occurred at approximately 2:35 a.m. in the Rincon Hill neighbourhood. According to his friends, the 43-year-old businessman was in the area for professional reasons and stayed an extra day.

Upon learning of Lee’s passing, a number of notable individuals expressed their sorrow on social media. The CEO of MobileCoin, Joshua Goldbard (Read more about Joshua Goldbard on his LinkedIn profile), spoke to ABC7 about Lee’s passing and described him as a “force of nature” who contributed to the creation of the Android and Cash App.

Goldbard stated that Bob Lee’s dream was to create a privacy-protected wallet for the 21st century called Moby and that he will miss Lee every day.

Officers told CBS News that they were dispatched to the 300 block of Main Street close to the entrance of a high-rise near the water. Lee was discovered with multiple stab wounds, and despite being admitted to the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries.

Cash App Net Worth

In the meantime, no arrests have been made and detailed information about potential suspects has not yet been released. Anyone with information about the incident or the suspects is urged to call the San Francisco Police Department’s 24-hour Tipline at 1-415-575-4441.

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What is the Net Worth of Bob Lee?

Prior to his passing, Lee was well-known for his investments in a number of tech startups, including Clubhouse and Figma. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he reportedly collaborated with the World Health Organization to develop an app.

According to Market Realist, Lee’s estimated net worth prior to his passing was approximately $10 million. Not bad for someone who has been in the industry for a while and contributed to the early development of Android. However, Cash App’s success has likely had the greatest impact on Lee’s wealth.

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Bob Lee, the creator of the Cash App, passed away on April 5, 2023, at age 43, with an estimated net worth of $40 billion. Lee was a “force of nature” who contributed to the creation of Android and Cash App, and his net worth was estimated at $10 million.


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