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Bruno Fernandes Suggests Cristiano Ronaldo’s Anger Over Being Benched Against Switzerland

Bruno Fernandes, who plays in the middle for Manchester United, said that Cristiano Ronaldo was upset after he was named on the bench for the match against Switzerland.

Fernando Santos benched Ronaldo, 37, after the loss to South Korea because he was unhappy with Ronaldo’s performance in the game. South Korea won the match 1-0.

Gonzalo Ramos of Benfica started the game instead, and he proved his selection to be correct by scoring a hat trick.

As was to be expected, numerous opinions were voiced in response to the news that Ronaldo had been benched, with the most common one being that Santos had made the correct decision and that Portugal had profited as a result of his decision.

Fernandes, a former colleague of Ronaldo’s at United and currently a member of the Selecao who contributed an assist in their second game, shared his thoughts on the matter.

The question that Fernandes posed to us was, “Do you believe anyone enjoys sitting on the bench?” I don’t think Cristiano would be pleased with this decision. I will be quite upset if the coach decides to put me on the bench for the upcoming encounter.

“We won the first two games with Cristiano in the first 11 matches, and it is possible that if Cristiano had played, he might have scored three goals and no one would have talked about Cristiano being on the bench,” he said. “We won the first two games with Cristiano in the first 11 matches.”

“Cristiano performs his job, does his part, and is satisfied with the result since everyone’s goal is to go as far as possible,” the playmaker said.

The number eight player for United reprimanded the media for making Ronaldo into a spectacle due to the amount of playing time he received.

He went on to say that no one should portray him in a negative light in front of the squad because it was not the case at all.

It was reemphasized by Fernandes that, despite Ronaldo’s high profile in the sport, which makes him a target if the team is unsuccessful, this should not be the case.

It remains to be seen whether Santos will remember the former United striker when they face the dogged and tenacious Moroccan club in the quarterfinals.

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